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Kids Measurement Science

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Kids Measurement Science is an intuitive and simple to use app. It includes a number of exercises to help children practise measuring skills including reading and setting the time, and using a virtual balance to weigh objects. These exercises help kids practice their scientific concepts in a practical way using made-up units of measurement. 

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Developer Description

Young scientists learn to analyse the physical world by measuring across a variety of domains - time, size, weight and money. 5-8 year old children measure length, weight, time and money in this science app using a tape, a scale, a clock and coins in 300+ exercises.

The games are -

* Length
Measure length and width of pencils, ribbons, balls and bookmarks - whole, halves and quarters.

* Time
Show time on an analogue and digital clock in hours, half-hours, quarter-hours and 5 minutes.

* Money
Measure weights of watermelons, bottles, balls, boxes and many more.

* Weight
Pay for drinks, purses, fruits and many more using the coins.

These exercises help children practice their scientific concepts in a practical way using made-up units of measurement. The mathematical concepts practiced include fractions, count-by-fives, addition by tens and hundreds, total using 25s, 10s, 5s and 1s. Some of the exercises can be solved in more than one way. Children experiment with solutions as they play.

To protect the children -
- No integration with social networks.
- No usage data collected.
- No account data read.
- No push notifications.

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