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Developer Description

“Kids Learn English” is an initiative by “School On Mobile” towards increasing the literacy level and providing quality education to everyone everywhere, irrespective of their social status.
Words are spoken in kid-friendly English which would make them learn and identify objects easily. This study time will enable the kid to visualize the objects and understand it well.
The animations used in this application will help your kid to differentiate among the still and moving objects in different dimensions. Visualizing moving objects makes the scope interactive and wider. It in turn helps your kid to be more interactive in their studies. In long term it will help them approach higher education in a better way.
Key points of the application:
• Learning letters in upper and lower case
• Identifying objects and relating them with words
• Visualizing the objects with graphics and animated objects.
• Interactive learning with the pronunciation of the letters and words
• No robotic voices are being used so as to simulate actual classroom environment in your home.
• We do not support advertisements in the application.

Repeating objects in different forms and lower-upper cases will enable your child to understand the variations among same objects and letters.
Ever seen the standard of education, poor kids get (if they have the opportunity to go to some school)? We request you to do your part in improving their situation. Instead of sharing pictures, jokes, videos, songs, torrents on facebook, twitter and social networking sites… try something which is really social. Share your device with some poor kid for 10 minutes and provide him the opportunity to get world-class education. And let us know how you feel… how the kids’ smile feels…
This is our first step towards our aim of making entire primary education available on your device so that you can help the needy, when you see one.
So if you want to share this education transition with those guys, it would be an achievement for us as well as the literacy level of this world.
If you’d like to test the app yourself before you buy it, we offer a free lite version. We strongly recommend trying out our Free version “Kids Learn English Free” before downloading this.
We would love to hear from you and your children/student(s). Please let us know how we have done. Please rate us and post your valuable words.
If you have any questions or issues or any advice, please email us. We always respond within 24 hours and sometimes within minutes even.

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