Kids Grammar Punctuation

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English / Literacy

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From the Developer

Kids Grammar Punctuation has successfully passed review and is approved for inclusion in Google Play for Education.

Kids Grammar Punctuation is one of the series of Fun4Learning programs which combines learning and playing perfectly. Educational games for kids are all we do, our mission is: "Fun for learning, learning for fun!"

Let’s help the monkey pick as many bananas as possible.


✔ Educational games with the fun, best for kids
✔ Fun ways to motivate your child’s learning English grammar
✔ Clear pronunciation in gentle human voice with beautiful graphics
✔ Interactive practice by an interesting game
✔ Optimized for both phones and tablets
✔ Parents love to see their kids being both educated and happy

How to use:

✔ Touch the “Exercise” button to switch between modes.
✔ Touch a specific quotation mark to learn its usage. There is at least one example for each item.
✔ Choose the correct punctuation mark and help the monkey pick as many bananas as possible.

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