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Kids Educational Games

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About Kids Educational Games

Kids Educational Games is a collection of mini-games that are designed to encourage young children to develop skills through playing.  Each of the five games is distinctly different from the others and the app is easy to use.

Kids Educational Games Review

There are a number of classic toys and activities that are used to stimulate young children’s interest in the world around them and to develop the skills necessary for them to begin their education.   To an adult it might look like children are just tapping, banging and moving things with little purpose, but for young children they are building the basis of more complex skills.  This app has a similar role.

Many children have been thoroughly entertained by toy xylophones, and many parents have been driven to distraction by them.  One is included in this app, and being an app it has a volume control.  A variety of simple jigsaws makes up another activity. This has similar benefits for developing reasoning skills as the physical puzzles have, but with added portability and without the missing piece potential.  The traditional and always popular matching pairs game is also present, with a useful difficulty level control to toggle the number of cards that make up each display.  Finally, rounding off this selection of games, is a whack-a-mole style game.  Not a part of a classic toy box by any means but an entertaining activity for young children that will help develop reactions and coordination.  There is one more activity that is less of a game and more of a learning exercise and that is one where the user must tap on the falling fruit to hear its name pronounced.  The fruit can be spoken in any one of four languages and so is an interesting way to introduce young children to the concepts of other languages beyond their own.

Throughout the app the graphics are bright, clear and smoothly animated.  The style is very child friendly.  The methods of interaction are suitable for the targeted age range with movable and press-able items being a good size.  Pleasant music plays throughout the activities with cheerful sound effects livening up the games.  The sound on the xylophone could do with cleaning up a little as, while the actual notes are rich and clear, they are accompanied by a soft hiss that is compounded as more notes are pressed in quick succession. 

Unlike many similar apps this is not a free ad-supported one which is actually a big plus.  It is available at a low price that means that it does not have the sometimes inappropriate, always distracting, advertisements.  There is no chance of an accidental click taking children off to the web.  Similar care has been taken with the app’s own links.  They are all protected by a parental gate to ensure children stay in the app and are neither confused nor taken anywhere inappropriate.

What any buyer of an app like this will be hoping for is that it provides entertainment with educational value for their children.  For children of the age that this app is aimed at this will be the case.  They will be able to explore making simple tunes, develop their memory, and match shapes among other things.  These are all activities that traditional toys offer and this app will make a useful addition to them.

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You can download Kids Educational Games on your Android devices from the Google Play Store.

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