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Kids Coloring Book is every little artist’s dream app. There are so many options in this app that children who love to draw, color, and paint will never tire as they discover the variety of colors and patterns they can use. For artists that enjoy creating their own masterpieces, this app has an option for that too! Creative, fun, and with a little something for everyone, this app is sure to become a family favorite!

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Kids coloring book is a free colouring book for kids. Coloring game for kids is fun learning, kids learn alphabets, animals, fruits, flowers, vegetables, shapes, vehicles etc. Our painting Game for kids is loaded with 190+ coloring pages that can keep your kid busy for hours and make the learn. Happy paint and learn kids. Basis concept of Kids colouring book is to provide a drawing and painting game for kids that contain different categories or drawing page that helps kids learning and have fun at the sane time.

** Categories
1. Alphabets coloring pages helps kids learning alphabet using different images which start with an alphabet.
2. Vehicles are always very interesting for kids and vehicles colouring pages help kids learn different type of vehicles and their use.
3. Animals coloring pages teaches kids about different animals.
4. Fruits colouring pages help kids recognising between different kinds of fruits.
5. Vegetables coloring pages helps children learning about different vegetables.
6. Flowers colouring page teach kids about different types of flower around them.

** Key Features
Bucket fill a region can be used to fill an area in one click or tap.
Choose from different colors and draw with a pencil and eraser.
Undo redo your last color action .
Save coloring pages and re color them from where you have left in last session.
Clear coloring area to start coloring all over again.
Change pencil size to draw using different pencil size.
Over 80 colours to choose from to colour the colouring pages.
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