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About Kids clock learning

Kids Clock Learning teaches kids to tell the time and is also a helpful tool for adults helping kids learn this skill.  It is suitable for any kids who are learning about digital and analogue times.

The app is available on iOS as a single purchase with no trial.  On Android, a trial version offers a cutdown app that users unlock through an in-app purchase.

Kids clock learning Review

What is Kids Clock Learning app?

Kids Clock Learning has three modes:

Learn to Read Time lets kids move the hands of a clock face and hear the time spoken aloud.  

Quiz is a timed quiz with three play modes that challenge kids to set the time and convert between analogue and digital times.

Video has an animation that teaches kids how to tell the time.

There are multiple settings to change the look of the different clocks.

Note that this review of Kid Clock Learning is based upon the iOS version of the app. The only difference between this and the Android version is that on Android, the app is free to download in a cut-down form. This trial version only includes the Learn to Read Time mode. A single in-app purchase unlocks the rest. The value of the unlocked app is the same as it is on iOS

What we love about Kids Clock Learning

Available as a single low-cost purchase and being devoted to a single topic that it covers superbly, Kids Clock Learning is a style of app not as common as they once were and sadly missed. Learning to tell the time is a skill kids will master and then move on from, so it perfectly suits this model.  

The app's great value does not come with any compromises in its design or execution either. The whole graphical look of Kids Clock Learning is excellent and stands above many similar apps. The visual progress of daylight into nighttime, complete with sun and moon arcing through the sky, is an especially nice touch with a practical aspect for illustrating am and pm.

The animation that comes with the app teaches kids how to tell the time and is professionally made and useful. Not many interactive clock face apps also come with tuition content, so it is an unexpected bonus in this app.

What skills does it improve?

It will not surprise anyone to learn that Kids Clock Learning is about learning to tell the time using analogue and digital clock faces.  

What age is it appropriate for?

Kids Clock Learning will be suitable for kids of any age who are learning to tell the time. This is usually at a young age, but it will work for older kids who have still not mastered this vital skill. Older children will not be put off by the app because, while it is colourful, it is not childish in its look.

Is Kids Clock Learning easy to use?

All of the interactions with Kids Clock Learning are intuitive and easy to understand. Each activity in the app works as you would expect, and navigating to the different sections is easy.  

How will students benefit?

Kids can learn and play with this app independently as well as use it alongside a supportive adult. They will enjoy watching the video to learn, and the exercises are short enough not to be intimidating but sufficient to provide the practice that kids need.

The app is ideally suited to playing on a little-and-often basis, either independently or with an adult.

How will teachers benefit?

Kids Clock Learning would make an excellent app to use for front-of-class teaching. It has a clear display and is easy to control. The different modes support different questioning techniques on the part of the teacher. 

On a teacher's personal device, the app will also be handy for providing one-to-one support.

How will parents benefit?

Parents wanting to assist their kids in learning to tell the time will find this an excellent app to own. It is cheap to buy, well-designed and contains enhancements not featured in comparable apps.

It is a straightforward app for parents to use in supporting kids as they learn. The different modes allow time for parents to question and explain to their kids as they work together with the app.

What can Kids Clock Learning improve on?

The traditional clock faces are listed as analog, which is a spelling that does not tend to be used in the UK but is acceptable for the US. However, it is also spelt as 'analoge', which is not correct in any regional use of English. It hardly impacts the app's effectiveness, but in an app with so few words, misspelling a keyword for the topic does stand out.

The end of the quizzes could use something to mark the player's achievement as they tend to end a little abruptly at the moment once the player reaches the end.

How much does Kids Clock Learning cost?

Kids Clock Learning is an excellent value app as it is charged as a single one-off purchase at the lowest non-free price tier for each region. There is no trial option, but the low price and this review of Kids Clock Learning should reassure you that it is a low-risk purchase.

There are no in-app purchases or subscription fees.  

Is Kids Clock Learning safe to use?

There is an option to share the app using other apps on the user's device. This option is behind a parental lock which shows three numbers in words for the user to enter in digits.  

This challenge does not make for a particularly robust parental lock for kids of an age to be telling the time. However, the consequences of bypassing the parental lock are relatively low risk.

Overall rating of the app.

Kids Clock Learning is an excellent app for kids, parents, and teachers. It isn't an app that will have longevity as kids will move on from it once they can tell the time, but that is totally fine. The app is priced appropriately for this and will undoubtedly play a part in getting kids to where they don't need it anymore.  

If you are helping kids learn to tell the time, this is a highly recommended five-star app.

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Kids clock learning App is learning and having fun at the same time has to be good, and that is the aim of this time telling app for kids.

Effective assistance to teach kids to read and understand the time and how clocks work.

The clock can "SPEAK" the following languages:

Key Features of Kids clock learning

Learn telling time.
Multiple choice questions & answers.
An educational game that helps learn time-telling.
Beautiful clock animations to learn tell time.
Kids will learn to move the hour and minute hand to set the time.
Easy to use

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