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Balloon Pop Game

  • Android, iPad, iPhone
  • Free
  • age 3+

About Balloon Pop Game

Balloon pop game is an interactive balloon app that will allow your children to refine and boost their motor skills by bursting the colorful balloons. You score when you pop and don’t if you miss one. The urge to burst these little baby balloons coming up is fun and will help you and your child get involved into itself. This balloon pop game is totally free to download and play on your iPhone, iPad and Android devices. 

Teacher Review

Balloon Pop game is a fun and entertaining platform where popping balloon refines motor skills in kids and help them perform better through pop balloon game. Each time you burst a balloon, you’ll get 5 points for it and one can’t resist playing it again and again. You’ll see balloons coming up your screens and the speed gradually increases gradually. Not only young children it’s a balloon pop game for toddlers too. The free balloon pop app version will allow kids to play all modes. The pro version will unlock more levels in all the modes.

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Android, iPad, iPhone





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In-App Purchases - Yes

In-App Advertising - No


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A fun and educational balloon-popping game for toddlers and pre-school kids that want to learn something new and exciting! Pop the balloons to learn the alphabet, how to count numbers, recognize colors and identify shapes. Five different game modes available in 9 different languages.

Trains cognitive, motor, and memory skills.

Five game modes (in 9 languages)

• Normal – Fun and simple balloon popping. Great for teaching toddlers motor skills, coordination, and keeping them entertained
• A – Z – Learn how the alphabet is written and spoken in different languages. See and hear the letters when balloons are popped
• 1 – 20 – Learn numbers and how to count. See and hear numbers when balloons are popped
• Colors – Explore the world of colors. See and hear the name of colors when balloons are popped
• Shapes - Learn basic geometric shapes. Requires in-app purchase.

Make the exercise as challenging as you want to keep your toddler stimulated and entertained! Simple – with large and slow balloons – or more difficult with small and fast ones.

This free version of the game contains 4 regular balloons, 3 animals and 2 different backgrounds. The full game (unlocked via an in-app purchase) is even more fun, with 7 regular balloons, 3 special balloons, 10 animals and 3 different backgrounds.

For babies or kids with visual impairments such as CVI you can disable background images and increase the size of the balloons in order to make them easier to pop


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