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Kids Animated Puzzle -Toddlers

About Kids Animated Puzzle -Toddlers

Kids Animated Puzzle is an app designed with toddlers in mind, packed with colourful animations and catchy sounds. The app will help little ones develop their hand-eye coordination with eight thematic games ranging from farm animals to vehicles. The puzzles are engaging and will keep children interested as long as they don’t access a feature where they will be exposed to other apps from the same developer. We had some problems with the sounds getting stuck in the background but overall we think it’s an entertaining app so we gave it a 4 star EAS Certification rating.

Teacher Review

Kids Animated Puzzle is a really cute app especially created for toddlers and small babies already interested mobile devices. The app helps children with their ability to identify shapes and objects. The app itself is not so challenging after a while and there are no difficulty levels so kids might get bored with it once they go through the games several times. The app is very useful for keeping them entertained and the little puzzle games are really colourful.

On opening the app you’re welcomed by the young narrator’s voice who welcomes you to the kingdom of animated puzzles. The main screen doesn’t offer too many temptations for the little ones: you have the settings on the top right side and the info on how to play on the left side. The access throughout the app is done by sliding a button (that actually looks like a sewing button). Now we did not have any problems with and the screen was responsive, but when trying it with less pressure, like children will do it was a bit more difficult. Nonetheless kids we’ll learn to do it if they’re shown several times and as they continue playing with the app.

After you slide the button you get to see and explore 8 different games, all based on matching different objects or dragging them in the correct place. The eight thematic categories are:

Farm animals -  a drag and match activity, where kids have to identify the corresponding shapes – each animal then makes its specific sound

Zoo Animals – a drag and match activity, where kids have to guess the correct animal shapes -  at any time once they complete the game they can tap on the animals to hear the sounds they make

Xylophone – this was our favourite -  children have to match the colourful  wooden bars and then they can tap on them and play with the xylophone

Ice creams – build your own ice cream with puzzle blocks and then tap on it to ‘eat’ it and see it disappear

Vehicles 1 & 2 – drag the vehicles to their place and hear the sounds they make

Flowers 1& 2  -  grow your own flower by moving the pictures to create clouds that give rain and make your plant grow

We really enjoyed playing with the app and we think a lot of effort has been put into it. The design is spot on, colourful and with high-resolution animations that looked beautiful on the Nexus 7 tablet we used for this review. The sounds each object makes are playful and we believe kids will easily imitate them.

We had two overall concerns regarding the app: the unprotected links and a technical problem with the sound. We know developers want to show their other apps but our recommendation is that these features should be protected by a password in order to allow a distraction free learning and play experience for children. The first time we played one of the vehicle theme games the sound got stuck on one of the objects, in our case the train. Even when we left the game the train sound was playing in the background. We went back to the other vehicles game and the sound of the ambulance got also stuck on top of the train sound. Going back did not solve the problem so we had to force close the app. It happened again when we went back to test it. We’re sure this is just a glitch that can be fixed with an update.

Puzzle play, no matter the age, is not only entertaining but it can also provide lots of learning opportunities: exercise memory, develop fine muscle movements, help the eye-hand coordination, increase awareness and solving skills. We recommend Kids Animated Puzzle as a fun alternative to a real puzzle...and also a less messy one; at least you don’t have to fear you’ll lose any puzzles with an app.

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  • Kids Animated Puzzle -ToddlersKids Animated Puzzle -ToddlersKids Animated Puzzle -ToddlersKids Animated Puzzle -ToddlersKids Animated Puzzle -ToddlersKids Animated Puzzle -ToddlersKids Animated Puzzle -ToddlersKids Animated Puzzle -Toddlers


Explore the Kingdom of Animated Puzzles and let tozzle come to life with this colorful, interactive puzzingo game for all playful babies and toddlers.

EXPLORATION, PLAY, FUN, and development of FINE-MOTOR SKILLS, that is Kingdom of Animated Puzzles, an app designed for the most tapful experiences!

Young learners compose tozzles featuring wonderfully hand-drawn animal, plant, and vehicles themes, and are always rewarded with animation or little interactive game once the tozzles are finished.

The application was developed by an award-winning education studio, 22learn, the creator of the best-selling Abby Basic Skills app, in cooperation with educational experts to ensure the application is as suitable for this very special age category as possible.

Abby Monkey® Animated Preschool Shape Puzzles is your yummy preschool lunchbox full of fantastic animations! Little shape builder puzzle game guarantees hours of education entertainment for any toddlers, and offers mesh sides for easy viewing of all the fun.

Its child friendly interface is very simple and includes no complicated menus. Simply slide the button to the right to move forward or slide it to the left to move back!

Once you first slide the button, numerous fun little activities will present themselves to you.

Tap on any of them and have fun. What about tapping on the xylophone and playing it? Or, tapping on the ice cream and eating it? Hmm, yummy, yummy! And much more!


* 8 thematic categories:
- Farm animals
- Zoo animals
- Amazing xylophone
- Ice creams
- Vehicles I
- Vehicles II
- Flowers I
- Flowers II

* Over 25 hand-drawn animated illustrations and super duper little activities
- Make the puzzle and watch a plant to grow!
- Eat an ice cream!
- Play the xylophone!
- Watch the lion the digger!

* Several high-quality background melodies

* Intuitive, child-friendly interface

Give your baby or toddler the best toy. Give them the Kingdom of Animated Puzzles.

We are sure that with its simple child-friendly appealing interface the Kingdom of Animated Puzzles will make for a fun learning experience your children will enjoy for days to come.

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