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Kids Adventure: Learning Games

Price: Android - Free

Teacher Overview

Fun, entertaining and useful – this is an app that really challenges young children to think for themselves as they work through the app. In order to get the full benefits of the app you will need to purchase the in-app purchase or the in-app package. The free version is workable and interesting enough too. The idea of exploring, observing and engaging with the app as the child goes on an adventure around the world solving puzzles is very interesting and the developers have executed the concept to the highest degree. The app receives an EAS Certification of 5 Stars and the EAS Recommended Status. 

Teacher Review

The app contains 6 levels within each of the 5 games in each of the three countries (Madagascar, Egypt and Australia).  The free app contains the first game in the three countries (15 games). After that, you must purchase each country to play the 4 remaining games within them.  Despite the in-app purchase model, the games and the apps are value for money as it encourages young children to think for themselves and to learn a variety of different concepts.

The developers of the apps have really unleashed as many educational tools as they can in a fun and entertaining way so that children will be as engaged as possible in playing and learning.

Children will learn about shapes and colours, the names of a few countries, familiarise themselves with the idea of travel and exploration and to learn the different names of animals. Overall, the app is perfect for practising numbers up to 5, reading and vocabulary.

In terms of cognitive skills learnt, we identified that children will learn to observe, focus and to think for themselves. One of the best features of this app is that it requires minimal adult supervision and explanation.  The app itself is rather self-explanatory. This feature is something that we like tremendously because it means that the app has enough value by itself to teach, reinforce learning, to test and to correct the child. Human energy is best spent on the art of inspiring, mentoring and in developing and contributing to the questions that go beyond a teaching session aka: the development of critical thinking and independent thought.

The quality of the app is lovely. The drawings are very cute and the music and sounds are spot on. It is easy to navigate the app and all small children should be able to understand the arrows in the app that indicate where you should press.

We very much liked the fact that you have a small timer as you complete each quiz and also, we really enjoyed seeing the different prizes that you get as you successfully complete the games and how they transfer to stamps on your “passport” –it is a very nice and sweet touch.

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Developer Description

Kids Adventure is a free learning game for kids 3 to 6 years old and more.

A Real Adventure for Your Kids!

Looking for a perfect preschooler learning app? Fun, entertaining, yet useful and educating? Combine all four together and you will get “Kids Adventure: Learning Games”!

How to play?

Your child will explore our planet together with the game’s main characters - Alice and Tom the cats. Each location is packed with an exciting new educational games and favorite animals: funny monkeys, parrots, turtles, lemurs, kangaroos and a whole lot more!

A pleasant lady announcer will help those who can’t read yet, and cheerful music will add even more fun to the game!

  • Madagascar - find all the animals. This hidden objects game will help your kids improve focus and reaction time, introduce numbers and arithmetics to them.
  • Egypt - get through the labyrinth. This maze game will improve logic and coordination, help develop basic writing skills.
  • Australia - odd one out. This logic game will help learn shapes and colors.

What will your child learn?

Kids Adventure is a wonderful app for children of preschool age to discover the world and study it while developing basic fundamental skills, such as:

  • Logic
  • Focus and attention
  • Thinking and observation skills
  • Recognizing simple notions
  • Discovery in numbers and counting
  • Better understanding letters and sounds, colors, shapes and objects

Gradually increasing difficulty of each game makes it easy even for the small children to play and improve their skills.

Beautiful locations: Australia, Madagascar, Egypt, and more - will help your child get to know our planet in its beauty and diversity and improve logic, attention, arithmetics and writing skills.

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