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About Kids ABC School for Toddlers

The best-selling toddler app, Kids ABC Letters, Numbers, Colors and Shapes for Preschoolers and Toddlers, arrives on Android!

A fun way to learn to recognize basic colors, shapes, numbers, and letters - all of this in just one app! Let your children explore on their own and enjoy their substantial progress. Created by a team of educational experts, it offers a child friendly user interface, which is intuitive and appealing for young minds.

ABC - Letters with Mathaliens - LEARNING AREAS INCLUDE:

  • Numbers (Math Bingo and Challenge game)
  • Letters (Letters Bingo and Challenge game)
  • Shapes (Bingo and Challenge game)
  • Colors (Bingo and Challenge game)
  • Numbers (Math Bingo and Challenge)
  • Letters (Letters Bingo and Challenge)

The application features two super duper games: Bingo and Hunting Mathaliens (challenge). Both game modes feature a lovely encouraging voice for each correct answer selected.

  • In Bingo, children need to match the correct item to its picture. Their goal is to create either horizontal or vertical row of correct answers. There is a possibility to choose one of two levels of difficulty.
  • While playing, children will improve their logical thinking and the art of strategy as well as problem solving and fine motor skills.
  • Children will be motivated by their desire to improve their scores in all the areas.
  • Hunting Mathalians is a fun game consisting of several levels. The aim is to get through all the levels. Each subsequent level gets more difficult as more answer choices are displayed and maximum time to select the correct answer choice get shorter.
  • After finishing all five levels, children are rewarded with a new lovely Mathalien creature.
  • All starfall Mathaliens are animated and a child can collect them in his or her Gallery.

Cute graphics and fun animations will keep your children entertained for a long time. You
will love to see your child playing while being educated.

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