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  • Android, iPad, iPhone
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  • age 3+

About Kidoz App

Kidoz app is a simple, colorful, self-contained children's world that links kids to their favorite games and website, while offering parents the control and flexibility to ensure safe, happy browsing for a wide variety of ages. As kids grow, you can begin teaching them about how to surf the web safely, but until they're ready, this browser gives you some peace of mind that they won't stumble upon inappropriate content. Kidoz is available for download on iOS and Android devices. 

Teacher Review

What is Kidoz

At the time of this Kidoz review the app positions itself as a child-friendly self-contained operating system so that children can browse safely and parents can control the media that their kids consume. 

Why is Kidoz great for kids?

  • Handpicked videos for babies & preschoolers, updated daily.
  • Learning & educational games for kids (Up to 12)
  • Safe Browser
  • Child lock (Kids launcher)
  • Parental control over content and device functions.
  • Child-friendly camera and photo gallery
  • No in-app purchase for kids!
  • Multiple child accounts
  • Ad blocker

Is Kidoz app easy to use?

Yes, Kidoz app is easy to use! Once downloaded it can serve as a completely separate user interface on a phone, tablet or Windows operating system. Parents/teachers can set limits and customise content. The first step is to register as an “adult” and then create a child account (there is an unlimited amount of kid accounts that you can create).  The adult password means that you can set the content and can turn your own device into a child-friendly device.  If you want to purchase content, you will need to enter the password so all the content will be adult approved. All the content that Kido’z links to has already been approved by the team therefore, although it takes you to external websites to download things (perhaps a grey area, depending on your own philosophy with regards to shopping and purchasing apps) – you can rest assured that it is all child-friendly and not far from the child media that kids can find on TV.

What languages is Kidoz app available? 

The app is available in 20 languages: English, German, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Croatian, Danish,  Finnish, French, Hebrew, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Turkish.

You can make Kido’z the default desktop. We really liked the fact that it recognises and selects the content that is already on your phone so that if you have educational apps already, it manages to keep them and show them on the desktop too. All the messaging, calling and social media links are taken away.  There is also a special Kido’s browser so that browsing is also safeguarded.

There are many games and videos set within the ready-made content of the app. If you would like to disable these in order to focus on more educational or edutainment games, there is a toggle which lets you customise this too.

This is a great find of an app, parents need to know that this is available to them as it gives back some control on the consumption of media for children. We have given the app an EAS Certification of 5 Stars and EAS Recommended Status.

How much does Kidoz app cost?

Kidoz games is free to download, and all the content for kids is accessible with a free account.  A paid upgrade is offered to parents who seek greater controls of their kids time and security (set time limit or child lock)

The great thing about this app is that if you are a parent/teacher and you exercise a high-degree of control over the type of content that the kids consume, this is perfect.

Is the Kidoz app safe?

Yes, Kidoz is safe to use. 

  • Loaded with free games: Kids are immediately engaged with entertaining videos and educational games, chosen by a team of educators and parents
  • Intelligent blockers protect kids: Kids cannot make any in-app purchases or click on any outside links without parents approval
  • Smart auto-filters make it easy for parents: Approved apps are automatically and seamlessly added to the KIDO’Z environment; unapproved apps are hidden
  • Easy-to-use app management: Parents can add/remove apps based on their individual child’s needs.
  • Engaging and educational apps and games for babies & toddlers, preschool and even older kids, including: Read & Play Story Books, Color & Draw art apps, Kids Memory games, Fun Running and Racing games, Picture Book Cars, Animal Puzzles for Kids, Word Search for Kids, Counting & Addition Games, kids doodle, Kids Touch Music, Animal Sounds games, Odd One Out, Find the Difference game, Letter and Word games, and more;
  • Safe Surfing: KIDOZ browser comes preloaded with tons of popular and great kids’ websites, including PBS, Sesame Street, Nick Jr., Nickelodeon, Disney, Scholastic Books, National Geographic for Kids, and more;
  • KIDO’Z TV offers videos for kids & babies only: KIDO'Z offers access to 1000s of kid-friendly videos including Barney, Thomas the Tank Engine, Fireman Sam, Dora, The Muppets, Barbie and more that will feed their imagination and curiosity.
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App Details

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Android, iPad, iPhone




Cognitive Development
Communication Skills


In-App Purchases - No

In-App Advertising - No



Download KIDOZ Kid Mode: TV & Games

Screenshots for Kidoz App

  • KIDOZ Kid Mode: TV & GamesKIDOZ Kid Mode: TV & GamesKIDOZ Kid Mode: TV & GamesKIDOZ Kid Mode: TV & GamesKIDOZ Kid Mode: TV & GamesKIDOZ Kid Mode: TV & GamesKIDOZ Kid Mode: TV & Games


Discover the best new apps, games & videos for your kids, in a completely safe mode, including a powerful parental control & child lock

What do kids love about Kidoz?

  • Free kids games - for toddlers, preschoolers and older kids 
  • Kids TV - hundreds of kid-friendly videos
  • Kid safe browser, camera & gallery 
  • Ad blocker & in-app purchase moderator

How is screen-time monitored in Kidoz?

  • Password protected child lock 
  • Set time limits for each kid
  • Add & manage content accessible to kids (Apps, videos, games & websites)
  • Full parental control over video channels, games and websites
  • NEW: Create dedicated video channels for your kid
Premium Features for Pro Parents 
  • Advanced Child Lock: More control of security features including enabling passwords, removing safe environment and more
  • Time Limits: Set maximum daily usage and time range of the device for each of your kids 
  • Content Customization: Parents get full control to add or remove online content (websites, games or videos) from Kid Mode.
Other Features
  • Multiple Kids’ Accounts: Open one parent account and register as many kid profiles as you need
  • Background customization: Choose fun wallpaper designs for each kid
  • KIDO’Z Kid Camera and Gallery: Kids can capture their favorite moments and store their photos in a separate gallery away from parents photos
  • My Favorites: Your kids can save their favorite games, websites and videos in their Favorites folder for easy play access.
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