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About Kidovo: Fun Learning for Kids

Kidovo is a very comprehensive app aimed at children between 2-8 years old. It has a wide library of content to keep children engaged. It offers an interactive learning and watching experience which can be tailored to each individual child by creating a personalised profile.

Kidovo is available for free to download on the Apple App Store, Google Play or Amazon App Store. 

Kidovo: Fun Learning for Kids Review

Kidovo teaches children to actively participate in their learning from a wide range of subjects and content. It is aimed at children aged 2-8 years old and can be used on multiple platforms such as phone, tablets and computers. There is a chance to have a two week free trial once you sign up with an email address and then after that you can buy the premium version for a discounted price.

What is Kidovo app?

Kidovo is designed for children to encourage them to actively participate and learn through play with the content and characters they are watching. It has a natural pace of growth meaning it gives an individual experience to each user. The content is approved by professional educators making it a meaningful and engaging learning experience. The content library is huge and offers such a wide range of choice for its users. As you will see later in the review it covers a multitude of subjects. 

What we love about Kidovo app.

Kidovo has a wide range of interactive content, this is what makes Kidovo unique and stand out from other learning apps. Kidovo is designed to gain full participation from its users rather than be a passive experience. Children will enjoy gaining reward stars, inputting their answers by choosing options or saying them into the microphone as well as personalising their learning owl. The presentation is excellent for the target age range and shows deep thought in its design to really attract this age group. Parents and teachers can be reassured that when children are using Kidovo they are getting a high-quality learning experience. 

What skills does it teach?

Kidovo is aimed at teaching children about a whole host of subjects from Music to Science, see later in the review for the whole list of content. Kidovo aims to actively engage children in their learning by asking them questions as they are watching which requires answers to move on. It gives them stars for rewards and allows them to personalise their learnng owl. It covers broadly the subject content the target age would be focusing on in pre-school or school. Parents and Teachers would be reassured when their child is using Kidovo that they are getting an educational fun learning experience. 

What age is it appropriate for?

Kidovo is aimed at children between 2 and 8 years old. When signing in, Kidovo asks for the child's name and age which helps tailor the experience when using the app. Kidovo allows for multiple profiles to be created meaning different children can access content that is age appropriate to them. The presentation, graphics, content and accessibility really support the target age group. 

Is Kidovo app easy to use?

Kidovo is easy to use and navigate around the app. The presentation is very clear and attractive to the users. It have easy to find subject buttons to choose which type of videos you would like to access. 

How will students benefit?

Students will enjoy Kidovo because it gives a tailored individual experience using their name, gain stars and the ability to personalise their learning owl. Once they have learnt the initial controls of where to find the content they will be able to use this independently. The interactive videos allow children to press options or to record their answers which is recognised and then continues the learning experience.

Kidovo offers students to repeat all the videos if they wish. Kidovo has so much learning content it would keep students engaged for a sustained amount of time. Kidovo covers many subjects within its content. These include: Science, Maths, English, Spelling, Vocabulary, Music, Art, Phonics, Vocabulary, Princess, Stories and Animal Kingdom. It has very catchy music to engage the students and help with remembering the content and learning it is teaching. The presentation of Kidovo is very attractive to its users as it is friendly and colourful. 

How will parents benefit?

Parents would benefit from Kidovo as it offers an unique learning experience for their children. Multiple profiles can be set up for different children to offer a personalised learning experience by using their name, gaining stars and decorating their learning owl. The videos are full of educational learning content that is interactive, has catchy music and is easy to navigate, it will keep children entertained and interested for a long time.

Depending on what the children are choosing to watch, Kidovo will adapt the level of learning to suit individuals. Parents are also able to sign up for updates from the app showing you what your child is accessing and how they are doing. Kidovo has such a varied choice of subjects it will suit many children's interests making it appealing to any parents. This review used the full premium version. A one year premium subscription is at a discounted price of £90 instead of £120 or the same version can be purchased for £10 a month. 

How will teachers benefit?

Kidovo would benefit teachers as it has such a wide learning library of content it could be used to teach specific areas in a different way. The interactive games could be used in whole class to engage learning, working collaboratively and using the interactive features to answer questions. Kidovo could also be used individually for children to do some of their own independent learning.

Kidovo offers the opportunity to track and see how children are doing by sending content to the adults, this will help teachers perhaps plan learning for the future. As Kidovo is easy to access and use it would be easy to utilise within the classroom setting. 

Good to know

Kidovo requires you to have a constant WiFi connection to be able to access and use the app. There are many interactive videos on the app but some are just for watching related to a specific learning content. 

How much does Kidovo app cost?

Kidovo can be purchased at a discounted price of £90 instead of £120 for one year premium subscription or £10 a month for a premium experience. Kidovo can be purchased through the Apple App Store, GooglePlay or Amazon App Store. You are able to access a free 14 day trial period which can be activated by the developer's once you have signed up using an email address. The trial version offers users the full experience of the app so it shows what will be offered if a premium subscription is taken up. 

Is Kidovo app safe to use?

Kidovo app is very safe to use, there is a clear privacy policy, it is free of advertisements and social media links. Each user is able to create an individual profile to enhance their experience of using the app. It helps to tailor content to the user's needs. It sends parents communications to say what content has interested their child to help them monitor what they are choosing to access.  

What can Kidovo app improve on?

Kidovo is an unique app but comes at a premium cost which could put some potential users off purchasing. It would be beneficial to offer a tiered approach of offering some content for a lower price. This would then perhaps encourage more users to download and use this fantastic app. 

Overall rating of the app.

Kidovo receives an Educational App Store rating of 5 due to its original content and interactive content to give a unique experience to its users. 

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