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About Kidoku - Sudoku for kids

Kidoku is a sudoku game for kids of any age. It uses kid-friendly graphics and other assistances to make the puzzles accessible to Sudoku novices. Sudoku is available on both iOS and Android for free, including 20 levels. The full app is unlocked with an in-app purchase.

Kidoku - Sudoku for kids Review

What is Kidoku app?

Sudoku is a popular brain-training challenge. Typically the puzzle requires the solver to place numbers into a grid such that none are repeated in any row, column, or region.

The numbers make Sudokus appear to be mathematics-based, but that isn't the case. Any unique symbols can be used. 

Kidoku has an option to switch the numbers for animated animal faces. This, along with bright graphics and lively music, make Kidoku welcoming for young puzzle solvers.   

The app also provides some helpful features to support kids as they learn about solving Soduko. These include highlighting mistakes as they are made. The highlights are very useful as any Soduko solver will attest that trying to track down errors in a partially completed grid is very difficult. 

Kidoku starts with small grids that introduce the thinking behind solving Sodoku.  As the levels progress, the challenge increases with more complex grids and more demanding time constraints. 

What we love about Kidoku.

Any app that mixes entertainment with thinking skills is a welcome download. Kidoku's appearance and well-judged difficulty curve make it easy for kids to get into but challenging enough to get them thinking.  It has modes that suit Sudoku novices as well as those that already know how to complete Sudoku but want a collection of colourful puzzles to challenge themselves.

It works well for a wide age range as the choice of animal symbols or numbers alters the app's feel. Older kids might prefer to stick to the traditional numbers, and they can do so by toggling the option. 

To bring the challenge closer to a Sudoku puzzle, as might be found in a newspaper, the player can turn off the function that highlights mistakes and take advantage of a notes function, which most solvers occasionally use on tricky puzzles. 

What age is it appropriate for?

Kids across the primary or elementary school age range should be able to get to grips with the puzzles in Kidoku. 

Is Kidoku easy to use?

There is a single-page tutorial in Kidoku that explains the principle of Sudoku puzzles. More is gained from the gradual increase in complexity of the earlier puzzles, so players learn as they do, which is a good feature. 

How will students benefit?

Kids want to play games on their devices. Parents want them to do something constructive. Puzzle-solving is a good compromise, and Kidoku gives kids a challenge in a violence-free game-like environment.   

Playing Kidoku will teach kids how Sudoku in all forms works and develop their memory, thinking, and logic skills. Kids who already understand how to solve Sudoku puzzles can access a challenge mode in the app which lets them select the grid size of their choice. Grids that measure 9x9 are full sized and will be a fun challenge for adults too. Kidoku remains an attractive app full of colourful charm even on these more challenging puzzles as animations and options to use the animal mode still exist. 

How will teachers benefit?

Sudoku makes good classroom puzzles as all kids can have a try regardless of their literacy or numeracy skills.   

The focus required for these puzzles makes them good exercises for calming a class of over-excited kids or giving early finishers a constructive activity. Kidoku, as it looks so attractive, will feel like a reward to kids who are allowed to use it when their other work is complete. 

How will parents benefit?

Parents who pay to unlock the full Kidoku app will feel that they have had good value. There are loads of levels, and their difficulty should stretch kids without putting them off as they improve. 

Kidoku makes a great travel activity for kids as it helps keep their thinking skills fresh. Sudoku and other puzzles are different enough from classroom activities that kids will give them a chance when they are reluctant to engage in other types of summer learning activities. 

What can Kidoku improve on?

While the app's facility to show mistakes is useful to help kids learn how to complete Sudoku puzzles, it would be better to place the option behind the parental lock to keep it turned off once kids are confident Sudoku solvers. 

During the review, levels could be cleared by trying each option for a cell until it showed as correct. The potential for abusing this is, however, mitigated by the player being penalised on their star rating for getting three or more answers wrong.  These stars are shown at the completion of a puzzle and on the game map.  Even if kids do not mind about the stars, adults will be able to see that their kids are not doing their best at the app. 

How much does Kidoku cost?

Kidoku is free to download, and a generous twenty levels are playable, including more challenging grids, which begin at level 17. An in-app purchase unlocks the rest of the app. 

Is Kidoku safe to use?

There are various in-app purchases available. They are behind a parental lock, but you should make sure you are using other safeguards too. The parental lock is not particularly challenging for kids who can solve Sudoku puzzles, and once the parental lock is passed, there is an option to remove it permanently. 

The content and gameplay are suitable for all kids.  

Overall rating of the app.

Kidoku is a well made Sudoku app for kids. In this review of Kidoku you'll have seen that it shows kids how to solve Sudoku and then stretches their skills over many levels. Its supporting features are very good, although perhaps a bit too supportive.

With its generous twenty-level trial option, you can take a good look at Kidoku for yourself. See how your kid rises to the Kidoku challenge!

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