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About kiddZtube

KiddZtube is a video-quiz app that has selected and sanitised a vast range of YouTube videos making them safe for children to use and free from distractions. A group of teachers have selected the videos and written context-specific questions for essentially pre-school children to learn.

Teacher Review

Downloading the application is very straightforward and takes up a mere 13.5MB because the app is a gateway for streaming videos. When loaded the child is confronted with some inoffensive upbeat music and a brightly coloured background illustrating children waving at a boy cycling along a bright blue big dipper.

The settings menu depicted by a cog wheel asks for a statutory answer to a hard maths addition problem. Inside this settings menu are a number of different choices that the parent/carer can select. These include the ‘child nickname’, the ‘parent email’, the child date of birth which is only the month and year to determine and set the algorithm for the type of videos that will be needed to be displayed. A useful feature for either English UK or English US. Another useful feature is the ability to set a limit on the daily maximum usage of the app which ranges from unlimited or 30 minute intervals up to eight hours. The quiz voice selection is rather large with twelve people to choose from and both male and female. This is worth experimenting, because some of the voices are a bit robotic.

The settings menu continues with further selections of the type of video, which are divided into subcategories, ‘learning’, ‘stories’, ‘cartoons’ and ‘songs’ a handy feature if you are jaded by the multitude of American cartoons! The final section of the settings menu gives the parent the choice of particular types of quizzes, these include ‘spelling’, ‘counting’, ‘colours’, ‘feelings’, ‘activities’ and ‘directions’

When you have set these up it is ‘time to play’. The menu system is very easily navigable and the sections, which the parent chooses appear as icons on the main screen which can be scrolled. I chose the story section and was shown “The Cobbler and the Elves” the video was HD quality and narrated with subtitles, a useful feature was the pause button, so that parents/carers can discuss what they have seen so far. The video was interrupted with ‘Moira’ the teacher I chose asking me how many shoes I could see and a choice of numbers. This will then be stored on the database for analysis. 

When I had finished the story a brief review of the dashboard threw up some very useful information, the four categories included ‘Playing by Category’, ‘Average daily playing time’, ‘Type of quiz answered’ and ‘Answer success rate’. The ‘Answer success rate’ show the percentage answers that were right first time, on the second attempt, third attempt and more.

The real power behind this application, however, lies behind the KiddZtube Academy settings. To access this, you will have to register on the web site. Once registered on the web site which is a painless process, only asking for the bare essentials, you are confronted with a vast array of videos under the four categories seen on the app. The intuitive layout guides you gently into setting up a video of your choice with either pre prepared questions or your own. If you do not want to use the preselected videos, then you can easily select your own video from YouTube and design the questions of your own. Once you have selected your video and put in the questions you want relating to the video this can be shared via a playlist to the Class of your choice. Sharing is also simple with either an email or copying a unique code for the lesson.

Once the playlist has been set up and shared to the students in the class/family each child can log into the KiddZAcademy app (pre prepared by the teacher/parent using the unique code through a settings menu) and play the video and answer the questions.

The power of all this is in the web based ‘Report Card’ section which provides an extremely useful set of statistics that can be displayed by Class and individual student, seamlessly.

Overall the application is a game changer both for teacher and parent/carer with a great arsenal of resources, safe in the knowledge that the videos being watched have been vetted and are free from adverts and age appropriate. The dashboard is especially useful and can track your child and or class when using the app and gauge the progress they are making. Like all great applications the concept is simple but the technology behind it is working furiously to attend to what teachers and parents want to know, are my kids learning? Highly recommended and I will certainly be telling all my colleagues about this app.

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kiddZtube is a safe, educational and fun Youtube kids app with more than 1000 kids best TV shows combined with +7000 interactive learning quizzes, designed by teachers.

Best cartoons and songs for children, Pocoyo, Storybots, Sesame Street™, Nursery rhymes and more transformed into educational experiences.

Approved by Parents and Teachers!

The utube kids video selection includes children greatest hits like super simple songs, bedtime stories, learning ABC, animals, colors, letters, emotions and more.

Main Features:

- 100% Safe – A selection of more than 1000 Best You Tube Kids videos curated by teachers
- kids Favorite videos across 4 categories: cartoons, songs, stories and learning
- More than 7000 Interactive learning activities adapted to each video
- Hours of entertainment and educational experience
- Parents can set up a daily viewing time limit
- Access to complete dashboard with performance and viewing habits

Now kiddZtube lets you access your teacher's video-quiz lessons, via kiddZtube Academy.
kiddZtube Academy is a FREE educational resource designed to support preschool Educators in teaching core skills in a fun and engaging way.
The platform allows Teachers to create educational video-quizzes that will be available through kiddZtube. Get the code from your teacher, activate on settings and it's ready to go.

A selection of Popular U tube videos augmented with educational questions made by teachers.

All You Tube kids videos are selected by real-life teachers, who add in educational questions that ask kids questions about what they are watching!

 A selection of the most popular You Tube videos selected from YT kids channels and divided into four categories:

• Songs (nursery rhymes and fun songs to entertain the whole family)
• Learning (learn ABC, count, colors, shapes, feelings)
• Cartoons (large selection of Disney™ cartoons, Pocoyo, and more)
• Stories (popular stories like Cinderella, Rapunzel, 3 little pigs) 

At the end of each video there are questions that are read aloud. Kids will answer using four colored stars and emojis.

All the quizzes are made by teachers to reinforce important learning goals


Types of questions: 

• Counting (learn to count)
• Spelling (learn abc and complete words)
• Colors (learn colors)
• Recognizing location (spatial thinking left, right…)
• Recognizing emotions (happy, sad, angry…
• Recognizing activities (sleep, eat, run, fly, swim…)

Parental Control

Parents can control the amount of spent on the app defining a daily watch time limit
An added bonus is that mom and dad can monitor the app analytics to track their progress and video preferences.

Because all the video and quizzes are selected and curated by real-life teachers, from popular UTube channels.

Available only in English (US and UK).





As parents, it became clear to us that the time our little ones spent with devices was often of low quality. We wanted to harness the potential digital devices have for fun and education by developing tools like fun games to create positive and active experiences.

Our mission is to reimagine screen time by creating an ecosystem that promotes active fun & learning through a range of innovative technologies

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Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:

More than 1000 Youtube for kids videos, like noggin and nick jr, to play from popular tv shows like, sesame street, pocoyo, popular songs, nursery rhymes, stories and bedtime stories, transformed into a fun and interactive learning experience, designed by teachers to teach abc, counting, colors, feelings and more.

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