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About Kiddom: Collaborative Learning Classroom

Kiddom helps teachers in the process of planning, delivering and assessing learning.  With its potential to be linked with a number of resource sites, Kiddom gives students a single place where they can find out about their assignments and their results.

Kiddom: Collaborative Learning Classroom Review

A good teacher also needs to be a good administrator, a good communicator, and a good data analyst.  The many and varied assignments need to be set, explained, and resourced.  The results need to be checked to discover current levels of understanding and used to inform how to move on.  This is, of course, on top of the time that a teacher spends in the classroom.  Fortunately, we can turn to technology to assist in the process.  Kiddom offers to lighten teachers' loads, better inform assessment, and keep the whole process as transparent and simple to follow as possible.

Clearly, any app that teachers use to communicate with their class will need some set up and Kiddom is no exception.  The process is easy and you'll soon find yourself diving into the app's many facilities.  A nice touch is that during the quick and simple sign-up process, you can enter the name by which you are known to the children.  If you are in a less-formal environment, this could be more useful than using the more usual title and surname.

There has been an explosion in the number of services that educators can make effective use of to make their lives easier and their teaching more effective.  A new problem has emerged, however: managing and using these services as part of a coherent plan.

Kiddom is very effective at alleviating this problem. Other services that you may have come to depend upon are easily integrated into this app.  IXL and Khan Academy, to name just two, are easily combined with this app.  Assignments can be set that use these resources from within the Kiddom app.  The resources include all types - both the more static ones, such as worksheets and simple question and answer tasks, to more vibrant videos and learning games.

Existing data and learning management systems can also be synchronised with Kiddom.  The process is straightforward and while not every platform is currently covered, the number of those that are is increasing over time.

Students as well as teachers benefit from Kiddom's functionality.  Everything that they need to complete assignments to the best of their ability can be found within the app.  Due dates and exact requirements are prominent for each assignment.  Students (and their parents) can also access their data to understand their current level of understanding and what they need to do to move on.

The reporting facilities within the app are useful in that they provide clear insights and are aesthetically pleasing.   Teachers, students, and parents should have no problem reading and understanding what the charts and numbers show.

Underpinning the app's assessment is the system of standards-based grading.  A really helpful and informative guide to this system is available as a free download on the app's website.  Those not yet using the app can also access this guide to help them to appraise the app's relevance to themselves.

The standards by which children can be assessed within the app are very flexible.  There are many that are built in.  These are informed by various U.S. national and state programmes.  Alternatively, the user can define their own custom ones or even contact the developer to request new ones to be added.

The whole package of administration, grading, and learning support is wrapped up in an intuitive and clear user interface.  The different sections and functions are where you'd expect them to be.  While any software such as Kiddom will require some time for familiarisation, it will not be a lengthy or arduous process.

The Kiddom service is web-based.  Those using iOS devices can utilise a dedicated app but those using other devices must do so from a web-app.  There's no real difference and both are comparable in use and functionality.  

Kiddom provides a cohesive and genuinely useful service to schools that are prepared to subscribe and embed its usage into teachers' and students' daily activities.

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