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Kidblog is a blogging platform intended primarily for kids, moderated by teachers, librarians, or school administrators.

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The site requires an adult to create a classroom or school account with only an email address. There's also a one-click option through Google's universal login, making it very convenient for Google users. After creating an account, teachers follow a set of links to set up multiple classes, adjust privacy settings, post a message, and get kids blogging. With the easy embedding features from other services like Google Classroom and Clever, the sky's the limit in terms of the creativity kids can bring to their Kidblog projects.

Kidblog allows teachers to have as much control as they need for their class. They can allow students the freedom to have their own blog page, edit their name, edit their password, or edit their account. They can also easily set it so that students can only respond to their posts and do not have further access. The direct link to their page gives that extra step of security and importing their class list was easy as 1-2-3!

Once set up, teachers can share resources with students through pictures, videos, music, newspaper articles, and blogging. Teachers can engage students in a simple lesson or a lesson that gives more depth and meaning to a topic. Teachers can have students respond in writing, by uploading a video, or uploading an audio commentary, allowing for better differentiation.

Blogging is a great way to support students as both writers and creators of digital content. Students' writing instruction can be much more meaningful when they know they'll have an authentic audience for their work. Using Kidblog, the various privacy levels allow students access to an audience that could include peers, parents, other teachers, and even the public. Students can also develop editing skills by peer editing each other's blogs.

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