Kid-safe YouTube - Parent controlled video TV


Ages: 4-11
Price: iPhone/iPad - Paid
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From the Developer

Ever feel frustrate waiting in the restaurant, doctor's office or on a long ride with bored kids around? This app just helps, and you will be surprised how your kids would love getting immersed in it. Don't worry as it's designed to enforce proper break-time to protect kids from getting too addictive, plus you got the remote parental controls via iCloud.

Being one of the busy working class, it's hard to find enough time to educate and entertain the little wonders. This app comes with numerous pre-selected fun and educating videos plus new ones added weekly, all endorsed by real kids and true parents and streamed via YouTube in a safe way. Kids will enjoy the quality videos without distracting ads or inappropriate comments. You are also encouraged to search and bookmark your own playlist for your kids, just remember to set your own language and location properly.

Kidsafe Tube has many cutting-edge technologies to enhance the kids experience, such as language filter, break time enforcement, iCloud sync, remote monitoring, bookmarking and blocking etc. They are all designed by real parents and to help parents safe guard their kids while enjoying the benefit of fun and vast educating source in YouTube. Try it and you won't be disappointed.


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