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About Kid Family English

This app is a story based English Language app that aims, through storytelling, to help users learn the English language. The app has been created and produced by a Czech linguist who in wanting to help others learn different languages came up with the idea of utilising stories to introduce them different languages. Although the app has predominately been created to help those wanting to learn English as an additional language it also has many benefits for young children who are just learning to read themselves.

Teacher Review

This is an English language app that has predominately been created to help people learn English as a second language. Through the use of storytelling the developer aims to introduce language through the art of the story and then compound understanding through questioning on what has happened in the story. There are multiple elements to the app that work through a number of different ways to help users become familiar and more fluent with the English language and these are successfully achieved throughout the app.

Although the app is first and foremost created for users of a different language all of the elements in learning a different language apply to those also learning English from a young age as a beginner reader. The use of storytelling is also perfect for young children especially the story that this app uses. Both the graphics and the sounds play an important too in engaging the user and the app does this incredibly well especially the graphic which look like they could easily come out of any award winning picture book for children.

The developers also have a very good website that helps to further back up the learning that takes place through the app. There are lots of worksheets that can be downloaded, at an additional price to the app, and these all to the enhancement of learning that the user can access.

The app itself is based on a story which is split into different chapters. Each chapter is accessed by clicking from the main menu. This opens a further menu that allows the user to choose how they are going to access the chapter. They can choose from 4 options which include having the chapter read aloud, answering the questions associated with that chapter, listening to the chapter told by a different character or helping one of the characters answer specific questions based on the chapter.

By breaking down the story into chapters and then having different ways of accessing the chapter means that the user gets a fully rounded learning experience helping them to learn the English language effectively. Again the graphics play a really important part in keeping the user engaged through all the content that this within the app.

Due to the design and functions within the app it could easily be used at home or in a school for parents and teachers alike to help young children who are beginning to learn how to read. With the added addition of being able to download worksheets from the website it means that even though the app has a high cost there is a lot of learning that a user can get from it.

Overall this is a good app that aims and succeeds in helping young children to learn to read and understand the English language.

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Android, iPad, iPhone


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Daniela Petrinova

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Features include:
- a nicely animated story
- fun and effective learning
- 8 hours of recordings by native speakers
- 1800 questions
- great complement to regular school classes
- no ads or in-app purchases
- works offline

Kid Family English is a nicely animated story about a family—the Kid family. New grammar and vocabulary are added in each chapter. And, in every chapter you learn more about the Kid Family adventures.

With Kid Family English, you learn English by listening and reading, understanding and speaking. You learn grammar and vocabulary in context. It’s simple, fun and effective. It feels like watching a series or reading a comic book.

Kid Family English offers you plenty of opportunities to practice listening and speaking. The app contains 8 hours of recordings by native speakers (Americans) and there are 1800 questions waiting for you to answer.

The app is useful for beginners, students with some basic knowledge of English and all those who need to practice listening and speaking skills.

After you purchase and download the app, there are no ads or in-app purchases. You can use the app offline anytime and anywhere you want. The app offers a safe environment for your children.

If you are using an older version of OS (e.g. iOS 10.0), some minor errors may occur when playing the app. For example, the app may be slow loading, have poorer graphic display
of individual segments, or difficulty with an audio track. The startup speed and smoothness of the application and animations may vary depending on the hardware of your device. Thank you for understanding.

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