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About Kickresume

Kickresume is the most accessible and visually attractive resume builder and job search app out there. Kickresume is an AI-supported assistant to help anyone create the perfect resume, cover letter, and website. Its many options, varied templates, predefined statements, and artificial intelligence support its users as they apply for first-time jobs, new careers, or promotions.

Anyone can use a free plan to test the service and upgrade to the full service for a monthly or annual fee. Kickresume has all its features available within a web app, but premium users can also use mobile apps to work on their resumes. We focused on Kickresume's web app for this review.

Kickresume Review

What is Kickresume app?

Who might need a resume writer app like Kickresume?

Anyone who wants to make a great impression on potential employers and interviewers should look closely at Kickresume's service, especially if they don't have access to professional career guidance support.

It doesn't matter if you are joining the job market for the first time or looking for new opportunities; first impressions count. Having a resume that is visually attractive, clear to read, and covers all of the bases is key to this.

How does Kickresume help you write your resume?

Kickresume's many templates let you forget about the presentation and concentrate on the content. You can generate a new look for your resume or choose from various pre-created ones that address the different styles you might need for various industries.

Artificial intelligence supports writers. As you fill in the resume, you can ask the AI to generate statements. These tend to follow a prompt; for example, when filling in your work experience, you enter a job title, and Kickresume will create a statement suitable for that role.

Obviously, AI doesn't know everything about what you did, but its output works as an effective starting point to get past the blank screen and towards a complete resume. You can use a similar feature for other skills and experiences.

AI resume writer can either generate a whole resume (by filling in a short questionnaire), or generate bullet points for work experience descriptions. 

Kickresume also comes with tens of thousands of built-in statements to help populate your CV and inspire your personalised statements. As you create the content independently of the presentation, generating visually different resumes using the same information to help them meet their intended recipient's needs is easy.

Once you have your draft resume created, you can run an analytics pass over the resume, which will help you to detect any issues. Common errors, such as repeated use of some words, will be highlighted, improvement tips given, and an overall score will be calculated. This service can help job seekers have confidence that their resume will reflect well on them.

An additional paid-for service will also engage the help of a human to check through your resume.

A cover letter accompanies each resume, and Kickresume provides tools to create these too. Using their AI cover letter writer, It is possible to enter a job title and click a button to create a relevant cover letter instantly. We'd recommend making a few tweaks to add a personal touch, but the original creation is already a strong letter.

Finally, if you have an online presence and want a resume as part of your website, Kickresume will help you generate one that looks good and covers the relevant details. Apart from creating personal websites, users can also share their finished resume online and then share the link with recruiters, for example (after you create a resume, on the left, there’s a feature called “Share”).

Kickresume works well with your LinkedIn profile. You can import details from LinkedIn directly to your Kickresume dashboard.

What we love about Kickresume app.

Resumes are essential documents for most of us at some point, but few feel confident in creating them. Young people don't even have past experience to inform them. Even if you are involved in recruitment or career guidance, you might not know the best approaches for every industry.

During this review of Kickresume, we felt it provided helpful support in every aspect of resume creation. It gave motivation, information, confidence, inspiration, and more. It is easy to see how Kickresume could lead to a less stressful resume creation process and better results.

Kickresume's creation process feels much more accessible than trying to do the same task in Word, for example. It makes the overall task more manageable by breaking it into logical sections and focusing on those.

This workflow feels productive, and each section or sub-section completed makes it feel like the goal is one step closer. Less doubt emerged regarding whether the resume looked good or stayed to the point. These would have been easily adjustable without lots of time spent on remedying them, so it was a much less stressful process than it otherwise might have been.

Avoiding the blank page of a static template is also a real plus. It is easy to draw a blank when thinking of relevant aspects of work experience, for example. When Kickresume's AI generates a starting point, it is much easier to add or subtract than build from zero.

Kickresume has forged partnerships with other services relevant to jobseekers, especially younger ones. At the time of this review of Kickresume, premium members had access to cashback and discount offers.

Kickresume have a remote job board called Pyjama Jobs where job seekers (students included) can find or get auto-matched with remote-only work opportunities.

What skills does it teach?

Kickresume is a tool for creating a resume and covering letters. It does not directly teach about doing this. Instead, it supports and guides users towards creating these documents; however, the process and the results work as good examples of what makes effective resumes and cover letters, which will result in indirect learning.

What age is it appropriate for?

Kickresume is for anyone who wants help creating the perfect resume to represent them on the job market. Students about to finish their studies through to established professionals (including teachers) can all use the tools and features provided by Kickresume's service.

Is Kickresume app easy to use?

Kickresume has an intuitive user interface that leads users through the creative process. Job hunters add new sections and use the on-screen tools to generate, adjust and create the entries. The web app shows a preview of the resulting resume to the side, which works well to help users feel like they are progressing.

There is plenty of additional support, both in using the Kickresume tools and resume creation in general, available on the app's supporting website.

How will students benefit?

Creating a resume is not the most interesting thing in a young person's life, so using some gamification to motivate them to complete their resumes is welcome in Kickresume. The app employs some colourful graphical flourishes and an achievement-style incentive to encourage users to spend the time necessary to create a great resume.

Creating a resume for the first time can be daunting. What to include and how to phrase the statements are not obvious for nervous first-time jobseekers looking to make a good first impression.

The built-in predefined statements are enormous in number and very well categorised according to roles and experience. For example, there are statements to accommodate intern engineers and trainee engineers. Those who are more experienced might choose phrases from the head engineer or engineering lecturer roles.

Alternatively, the AI generator does an excellent job of making the task even quicker.

These created texts are a great way to populate a resume and prompt thoughts about what else to include. Resume makers aren't restricted to predefined statements, so once they start thinking along the right lines, they can add original statements.

How will parents benefit?

The point where kids begin to take their first steps into their chosen careers is one where parents can struggle to provide help. They may not have been in a job-seeking position for a long time, or their child is entering an industry in which parents have no experience.

Kickresume provides a reasonably priced solution for parents who want to help but don't know how. They can still provide feedback on their child's final resume or work with them as they create it, but Kickresume will guide them both.

How will teachers benefit?

As resumes are inherently personal documents, every student has to create their own. While teachers can provide general guidance, providing detailed personal feedback is time-consuming.

Kickresume doesn't necessarily replace another person's feedback, but it will make getting to the point of a finished document something that young people can do more independently. This digital support will allow teachers to direct their time to areas and individuals where their input is more needed.

Kickresume's supporting website is an excellent source of information for any teacher helping students get a foothold in their chosen industry. It has general help for job hunting, but it also has tips and examples for industry-specific resumes.

How much does Kickresume app cost?

Anyone can access Kickresume's basic tools by creating an account. With free plan, users get 5 AI credits to try AI support — this can be used to generate 1 whole document (resume or cover letter). This has limits such as fewer templates and fewer customisation options. Upgrading to premium via a monthly account unlocks most of the service, but we'd recommend the annual plan, which offers considerable savings over a year and extra features.

There is an option on the sign-up page for teachers and students to apply for a free premium account to Kickresume.

Kickresume offers an additional service to have your resume proofread for an extra fee. It offers to check resumes written in English and Spanish.

Is Kickresume app safe to use?

A resume is a personal document that, by its very nature, will contain private and personal data about you. To enjoy the benefits of Kickresume, you will have to input this data.

You can decide which of Kickresume's services you wish to use, which will influence how the app uses your details. For example, you can choose whether or not recruiters can see your KickResume profile. If you don't give permission, none of your details will be available to recruiters, but, on the downside, you won't get any job offers that way.

What can Kickresume app improve on?

Kickresume is very well suited for employment seekers in the USA but less for other countries. Salary requirements can only be given in US dollars.

Of particular relevance to young jobseekers in different countries is what resume and curriculum vitae mean in their country. Some places consider them distinct documents, such as the USA. Others don't tend to use resumes, while some use curriculum vitae and resume interchangeably.

We think Kickresume should provide additional guidance on this as young jobseekers won't have the experience to recognise the distinctions. As Kickresume asks users for the country in which they are seeking a role, it could inform them of that country's terminology and typical practices.

Overall rating of the app.

Parents will have supported their kids' educational progress with multiple educational apps. When these students are ready to embark upon their chosen careers, parents can provide a last push of support by helping them step from the world of education to the world of work. Kickresume is an excellent choice for assisting kids in taking this step.

We recommend that parents and teachers with a career-guidance role look at Kickresume either through the free tier or by enquiring about the free access for teachers and students. Kickresume makes producing great-looking and relevant resumes easy.

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