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Keyboard Fun

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About Keyboard Fun

This is very practical and simple app that introduces children to letters, to associate the letters with words and to locate the letters in a keyboard.  The app has been created by an Occupational Therapist in order to help children with physical or learning disabilities. This is a good app to incorporate into a child’s portfolio of apps as it specifically considers teaching how to type and the location of letters on a keyboard as well as teaching the alphabet. We have given this app 5 Stars because of this unique feature.  

Teacher Review

This is an interesting app because it does more than just teach the alphabet and pronunciation of the letters. It also aims to develop motor-skills and improve the association with letter and letters on a keyboard. Despite the fact that children are more and more into technology, it is paradoxical that typing is still something that needs practice and a bit of learning. To this end, the data collection that details the number of correct answers that your child got, also takes into account the amount of time that it took to associate the letter with the letter on the keyboard. It is good to see an Occupational Therapist identify the issue and also take ownership on its solution We hope that Susan Hossack can lead this example and encourage further thinking and development for educational mobile learning.

The learning process is simple. Firstly, you are required to state the type of keyboard that you have so that the app knows how set up the game. The letters are not displayed in alphabetical order; rather they are display in the order of the keyboard. In other words the three lines in the QWERTY keyboard. Therefore, the first line is from “Q to P”, the second line is from “A to L” and the third line is from “Z to M”.  In settings you can also set the game as “ABC” so that the letters are shown in alphabetical order and you have to find them on the keyboard. A nice little challenge for young ones who are unfamiliar with the keyboards! The numbers 0-9 are also included. The idea is that each letter is called out and you have to identify it in the keyboard. You can set whether you want to show the letters in capital or lower case and also, whether you want it in order of the placement in the keyboard or, whether you would like it to be randomised. 

You can really tell that Susan Hossack has taken time and care to offer an app that is truly engaging and relevant to kids. We really enjoyed this app, and we hope that your children will do too.

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iPad, iPhone


Communication Skills
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Susan Hossack

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  • Keyboard FunKeyboard FunKeyboard FunKeyboard FunKeyboard Fun


This app is designed by an Occupational Therapist to help children with physical or learning disabilities identify where keys are on the keyboard, then learn to type and spell.

Typing tutors assume the child already knows how to read and spell, and are more concerned with correct fingering. Most standard keyboards come with upper case letters, while children are learning to read with lower case letters. “Miss Sue’s Keyboard Fun” is different. It is designed to encourage children to learn the placement of keys on the keyboard, by matching keys to pictures, and to be rewarded with sight and sound.

This program is compatible with both the IPAD on-screen keyboard, and with standard or BigKeys© keyboards. Each keyboard line may be selected, and the child asked to match the letter. Letters can be presented in order, or at random. Display all the letters on the line, or just the letter to be matched as desired.

-Suitable for students with autism, physical or learning disabilities

-Motivate and reinforce learning

-Large visuals and sound to adapt for poor vision

-Grade the task for progress

-Display UPPER or lower case

-Color the display keys to match your keyboard

-Data collection included

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