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Katie's Missing Laugh

About Katie's Missing Laugh

An interactive story that focusses on helping young children to develop specific phonological awareness skills. With a special emphasis on the letter and sound of ‘k’ young children discover a love of reading through the interactive story that also helps them as they begin their first steps in learning to read. 

Teacher Review

This app is a beautifully designed story around the monkey Katie who has lost her laugh. The story follows Katie as she tries to find out where it has gone. Along the way she meets lots of different animal characters as they explain a little bit about themselves and the noises they make. 
The story is extremely well written and the illustrations look like they have jumped off the page of an award winning picture book. Young children will certainly be engaged and will want to keep coming back to the story time and time again. On top of this there are a number of extra features that will help to encourage them in terms of learning how to read and discovering a love of reading.
There are a couple of options of how the user can access the story. If they wish the story can be read to them. This is an Australian produced app so the narrator speaks with an Australian accent. The animals that Katie meets through the story are also Australian based so some may be more specific to an Australian child rather than a child from a different country. However the child can also choose to read the story themselves or even record their own voice telling the story. An adult may even choose to do this especially if they want to get around the narrator’s Australian accent. This is also a nice touch if a parent wants to record their own voice for their child to listen to as the story is read. More proficient readers may themselves want to be the one to have their voice recorded but having the option definitely allows for a number of different ways to access the text.
There is also a large interactive element to the story so children are introduced to the language that is within the story as well as having information given over through the introduction of the different animals. Users can click on lots of different things on the page to further develop their language skills and to also add an enrichment factor to the story. As the story focusses on the ‘k’ sound there are lots of items that can be clicked that contains this sound. Users can play games themselves in trying to find as many as possible on the page. There are lots of different animations that can be accessed by clicking on different items. For instance in one picture an apple gets half eaten from being clicked on and an alarm clock goes off if it has been tapped on.
All these different elements not only add to the sense of enjoyment in the story and build that all important love of reading in young children but help to introduce important aspects in learning to read. With over 300 words, a focus on the ‘k’ sound as well as the recognition of the letters ‘k’ and ‘c’ and a storyline that encourages questions and discussion this book app is more than just a simple story. 
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Enjoying “Katie’s missing laugh” will develop your child’s vocabulary, “k” sound awareness, early phonological awareness skills and listening skills.

There are many ways in which this interactive book can be used.

Use "Katie's Missing Laugh" interactive storybook to:
LEARN NEW WORDS: Teach your child more than 300 words, including the names of Australian animals.
HEAR THE "K" SOUND: This app includes more than 300 words containing the “k” sound, which makes it a fantastic therapy tool for auditory bombardment.
SAY THE "K" SOUND: Although this app is not a substitute for professional intervention it can be used as a great therapy tool or home practice tool, for children learning this sound from a speech pathologist.
STORY TELLING: Expands langauge skills by encouraging your child to narrate the story, you can even record your child’s narration by selecting “record my voice.”
LEARN ANIMAL SOUNDS: Focus on the animal noises in this book and encourage young children to copy the noises.
ANSWER QUESTIONS: encourage your child to answer questions at the end of each page, ensure they answer the question before moving onto the next page e.g. “What did Katie do?” “Who did Katie see?”
LETTER KNOWLEDGE: Use this app as a supporting tool when teaching letter sound correspondence for “K” and “C.”
EARLY READING SKILLS: Promotes awareness of the way words are written and the knowledge that written words have meaning. interactive storybooks are perfect for encouraging your child’s speech and language development.

“Katie’s Missing Laugh” is written and designed by Shae Rodgers, Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist (Australia) and is aimed at parents, educators and therapists of children aged 2-7 years of age.

Graphics and Programing: DeveoMedia (

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