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Kaspersky Safe Kids Review

Kaspersky Safe Kids is a parent control app to help you safeguard your kids’ online activity. It can hide inappropriate content with web filtering and Safe Search, prevent specific apps and websites from being opened and monitor your child’s activity with app, web, and YouTube reports. It also provides real-time updates of kids' locations. The app's ease of use and supporting content are standout features.

Kaspersky Safe Kids can control devices on the following platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, and Mac. Its features are free for seven days before subscribing, monthly or yearly. You only need to pay for one user account to protect all your kids and all of their devices.

Kaspersky Safe Kids Features

  • Content filtering to prevent kids from viewing or accessing inappropriate videos and websites
  • Device usage controls to ensure kids don't use their screens for too long each day
  • Location tracking with geo-fencing to ensure kids are where they should be
  • Informative and clear parental guidance for using the app and making parenting decisions

Screenshots of Kaspersky Safe Kids

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How much does Kaspersky Safe Kids cost?

You do not need to pay to access some of Kaspersky Safe Kids' most useful tools. As a rough guide, if the feature involves kids accessing content on their devices, they are accessible. These include device usage and content controls.

Subscribing gives you more information about your kids' device use. For example, you can view their YouTube history and see detailed reports about their device usage. The biggest distinction between the free and premium versions is the location tracking and associated features.

With parent control and family locator apps, we recommend taking advantage of the better value from long-term subscriptions. These are not the types of apps where you want to keep changing them; you'll likely want them for an extended period. Once you've chosen your app, you'll probably stick to it, so you may as well save some money.

Is it good for learning?

The tools provided by Kaspersky Safe Kids are not directly educational but can support education. By reducing the risk of kids viewing unsuitable content, the app can give kids more freedom to use the internet to support their education. Location tracking can allow kids more opportunities to grow their independence.

The Experience of using Kaspersky Safe Kids

When we review parental control apps, we always encourage parents to discuss with their kids why they want to use such an app. Openness leads to better trust and understanding, resulting in less resentment and a lower chance of kids trying to overcome the controls.

It was great to see Kaspersky Safe Kids build this into the app's setup process with advice to parents about introducing the app. We highly recommend you read this as it is well-written, relevant, and does not shy away from the key talking points. It has different sections relating to kids of various ages.

Parental support continues once you've installed the app.

Whichever device family your child uses, the parent app will help guide you through where to download the apps and how to set them up. It also has helpful information on how to adapt to changes. For example, we reviewed this over the summer, and the app has a section to help parents think about how they might relax the control settings or deal with technical issues that may occur when travelling.

We tested the content control features and location tracking, and both worked at least as well as similar apps. Remember that no app can promise 100% protection in these areas, but Kaspersky Safe Kids raises the level considerably over an unprotected device.

The Pros of using Kaspersky Safe Kids

  • No limit on child profiles or devices
  • Robust web filtering
  • Flexible control of device and app usage

More Information

Device Synchronisation Device Synchronisation

Benefits for Students

While kids don't tend to want parent-control apps, they can appreciate their benefits. Without the app, kids may not get the opportunity to have an internet-connected device or access to some apps. The location tracker may grant kids more freedom than their parents may otherwise be prepared to offer. Kids will only really notice the app if they bump up against the limits, such as using their devices at the wrong time or too often.

If kids meet a restriction they feel is unjustified, they can send a request to their parents, which they can approve or deny. Kaspersky Safe Kids is the first app we have reviewed that lets older kids have more input into the controls as they can manage their own screen time using the app's dashboard.

These features prevent kids from feeling like they have no input in an inflexible system.

Benefits for Teachers

Kaspersky Safe Kids is not an app for teachers in school; however, teachers may benefit indirectly. Kids whose phones have usage controls may be better rested from not playing on their devices too late at night. 

Benefits for Parents

Kaspersky Safe Kids provides much support compared to many other parent control apps. These apps can be among the most difficult to set up, and the consequences of doing it incorrectly and living in misplaced confidence can be severe.

The supporting information and simple user interface in Kaspersky Safe Kids make using the app as easy as it can be for parents while still providing the controls they typically want. The app also gives parents access to dive deeper into their child's interests through YouTube reports and search reports.

Another function of Kaspersky Safe Kids is to locate the whereabouts of your children.

The Cons of using Kaspersky Safe Kids

Some of the reporting features are not accessible within the native apps. To access information on your child's web activity, you'll need to visit the app's web portal. This site is very useable, and you can still access it on your phone, but it feels like an unnecessary friction point. We'd like to see it all bought into the app.

Download Kaspersky Safe Kids

You can download Kaspersky Safe Kids on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Kaspersky Safe Kids app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Download Kaspersky Safe Kidsfor Android Download Kaspersky Safe Kidsfor iOS

Final Verdict: Kaspersky Safe Kids Review

Kaspersky Safe Kids ticks the boxes for what most parents want from such an app. These useful features are contained within well-designed apps across multiple formats and accessible through a good-value subscription. We have awarded Kaspersky Safe Kids five stars.

If you are specifically looking to monitor your child on mobile platforms, take a look at our roundup of the best parental control apps for your phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kaspersky Safe Kids app safe to use?

  • The app opens with a form to consent to its terms and conditions.
  • The app asks permission to track user activity across other companies' apps and websites.
  • The app asks for permission to send notifications.
  • The app asks for permission to track kids' physical locations.

Parents should control their kids' devices via a single account they will create using their email address. Kids do not need to have or provide an email address.

The identifiers you add for your children do not need to be more detailed than necessary. A year of birth and first name are all that the app requires, although you can choose to add a photo thumbnail.

Parents can set PIN or FaceID protection for their Kaspersky Safe Kids apps to prevent unauthorised changes. You'll need to deactivate app deletion on your kids' devices to prevent them from removing Kaspersky Safe Kids.

What age is Kaspersky Safe Kids appropriate for?

Kaspersky Safe Kids provides a guide on how to use this app with kids between three and seventeen. There are valid reasons to use the app with all kids within this age group, but, as the guide makes clear, using it with kids over the age of 13 should be done with their consent.

Is Kaspersky Safe Kids easy to use?

We liked the onboarding process for this app. It has an on-screen helper, which helps lead you through the setup process. It begins with asking whether kids or parents use the device and then guides the setup. Parents should undertake the process on their kids' devices to ensure it works as they wish.

Your child's devices need a different approach, depending on the platform. For example, you'll need to set up a child's account on Apple devices to use Kaspersky Safe Kids fully. This is a technical constraint of the platform rather than the app's, but it provides clear and contextual information to help you set it up.

Privacy Rating

Data Safety

Does the app provide a secure and safe experience for its intended usersKaspersky Safe Kids is safe to use

Value and Presentation

Is the app easy to use and accessible?Kaspersky Safe Kids is easy to use and accessible
Is this app well-made and presented?Kaspersky Safe Kids is well-made and presented
Is this app useful for its intended users?Kaspersky Safe Kids is user-friendly
Does this app provide good value?Kaspersky Safe Kids provides good value to the users