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About Japanese Kanji Study

Kanji Study is a Japanese kanji study app that allows you to focus on subsets of the JLPT kanji and drill them for optimal retention. Although there are many great Japanese study apps out there, none quite had the kanji characters organized and presented in a way that I thought was ideal, so I created Kanji Study.

The idea is to break down the many kanji into smaller subsets, drill those kanji and assign each a rating based on how well you know them, eventually allowing you to just review those that are less familiar.

For each kanji, there are readings, definitions, stroke order animations, examples and more.

You can tag kanji to quickly look them up later and even shuffle the sets of kanji while studying.

The beginner level of kanji is provided free of charge. If you find this app helpful and wish to support me, please consider purchasing the one time upgrade at a nominal charge.

Enjoy and good luck studying!

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