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Kalley's Machine Plus Cats

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About Kalley's Machine Plus Cats

Kalley's Machine Plus Cats is an interactive book inspired by a drawing created by a real four-year-old, Kalley. Kalley drew a picture of a machine that would make food so her dad didn't have to leave home to commute to a new job anymore.

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Kids can read the story, narrated by Kalley and her father, with Kalley explaining a different part of the machine she's invented on each page. A crank makes it go, and levers and dials control it. A boiler maintains the pressure, and bashers and pokers smash and poke objects that look a lot like marshmallows as they go down an assembly line. A shrinker shrinks the marshmallow objects, and an oven cooks (and sometimes burns!) them. Then kids can paint them, mixing colors using combinations of red, yellow, and blue, shape 'em, pick 'em, and present them as the machine's product: food. 
Kids can learn STEM concepts about engineering and machines as they explore concepts of vacuums, pressure, boilers, switches, conveyer belts, color mixing, and more. They'll develop reading skills reading along with the story as words are highlighted for them, and they may find writing inspiration learning that the story and app were based on a little girl's idea. Kids and parents will find lots to explore, discuss, and learn about imagination and engineering in Kalley's Machine Plus Cats.
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Based on a true story of childhood optimism, Kalley’s Machine Plus Cats is the super-fun interactive story about a 4-year-old girl’s drawing and her heartwarming plan to save her dad from his daily commute.

When Kalley shows her dad her drawing for a new machine, he is baffled by the confusing collection of hammers, gears, fire, smoke and conveyors. As Kalley explains each part of her invention, the drawing comes to life even as its overall purpose becomes less and less clear to her dad. It is only when Kalley explains the machine’s final component that her master plan to keep her dad from commuting is revealed.


So, there really is a ‘Kalley’. She really drew a machine. Her dad couldn’t build it. So they made an app out of it instead. Full story at



Kalley’s Machine was crafted with interactivity as the first priority. Satisfyingly touchable controls put kids in charge of each twist and smash of the machine. Controls come in a wide machiney variety:

● Cranks
● Sliders
● Dials
● Levers
● Switches
● Buttons

With the machine, kids can:

● Smash Stuff
● Inflate Stuff
● Shrink Stuff
● Burn Stuff (or lightly toast it)
● Paint Stuff
● Grab Stuff
● Drop Stuff
● Mold Stuff Into Shapes
● Do A Few Other Things Including...


Kalley’s Machine is a story based on a 4 year-old girl’s drawing. As such, it includes cats. They are completely irrelevant to the story. However, they are way fun to harass.

Tease them. Scare them. Puzzle them. Adore them. We think you’ll love the cats.


Cuz it’s a story, right? Of course, you can read the story the old-fashioned way. But, to aid new readers, we’ve also included two helpful interactive story features:

● Read-to-Me, narrated by Kalley and her dad with highlighted words.
● Touch-to-Read, where words are spoken when they are touched.


Honestly, we designed this story to be fun. But if you're not careful, you might actually learn something too!

The interactive medium offers kids great chances to explore some basic concepts which are both safer and less messy than their real-world alternatives. Creative parents may recognize the opportunity to discuss:

● Subtractive Color Mixing
● Pressure/Temperature Relationships
● Gear Ratios
● Air Pressure/Vacuums
● How Overcooking Can Burn Stuff

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