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Teacher Overview

Kahoot! is a tool for using technology to administer quizzes, discussions or surveys. It is a game based classroom response system played by the whole class in real time. Multiple-choice questions are projected on the screen. Students answer the questions with their smartphone, tablet or computer.

Teacher Review

Kahoot is used a Formative Assessment Tool. 

How to play?

Multiple choice games are displayed on a large screen and players join the game using their own device (smartphone, ipad, laptop, desktop, etc).

Many teachers find Kahoot to be an effective way of uniting the classroom and engaging their students in a positive learning environment.

Lesson Ideas

Teachers can use Kahoot as an assessment tool to review student progress intermittently. It is a great way to identify the level at which each student understands the material when preparing for more summative quizzes or exams.

Math, science, health, and social studies are just some of the possible courses where teachers can use Kahoot!

Ideas to use Kahoot in classroom

  1. Assess student understanding - Useful for assessing where students might be missing a concept or content

  2. Zero in on the needs of individual students - Get a detailed report of which children missed which questions

  3. Warm up the class with a game - Use it as a class starter. Do a quick five questions on topics you covered or material learned from a previous class

  4. Assess students’ knowledge before the start of a unit - Use is it for mental/oral starters in maths and also to assess subject knowledge before starting a new topic

Steps to customize Kahoot

1. Make a get.kahoot account and click QUIZ!

2. Fill in a title, audience, description and even an intro video linked to any youtube URL!

3. Create original quiz questiions with the user-friendly format.

4. Mark one or more correct answer, link points and add images or citations.

5. Save and publish your original Kahoot quiz! Press play to begin a game with students.

6. Select from the options of classic player v. player or team modes, automatic play, randomized answers, or bonus points for answer streaks! Then play!

7. Once the game play is begun, students will sign in on their own device using a unique game pin and can watch the custom video you added at the beginning of the quiz while they wait!


For Teachers

  1. assign kahoots as homework to make it awesome

  2. reinforce learning

  3. save time on correcting assignments (students get instant feedback)

  4. assess learning progress in real time

For Students

  1. join classroom kahoots

  2. collect your medals

  3. play quizzes on your own to train your superpowers

  4. challenge your friends for some competition

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Kahoot is the perfect tool to create discussions, quizzes or surveys related to specific topics either for an assessment or for feedback. Game-based pedagogy makes it more engaging and easy to use. The users not only answer the questions but they can also interact back by asking questions.  The interesting feature of the Kahoot is that it allows using pictures and YouTube videos in the content.

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