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Justin's World - Lettersounds

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About Justin's World - Lettersounds

Justin’s World – Lettersounds is a fun an engaging app that introduces and reinforces young children’s understanding of the first 8 letters (s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d) outlined in the Primary National Strategy. Justin Fletcher guides children through the sounds of the letters, bringing phonics to life with the help of videos, interactive animations and games to keep children engaged. 

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JUSTIN’S WORLD: - Lettersounds!

Justin Fletcher, the UK’s favourite children’s presenter, is here to help and guide your child through this valuable introduction into phonics. Video combined with interactive animations and illustrations bring phonics to life in a fun and meaningful way.

• Beautiful illustrations and animations that make learning phonics fun.
• Videos of Justin teaching initial letter sounds.
• Interactive games to test and consolidate your child’s learning.
• Fun and learning based around the Primary National Strategy.
• Rhymes and alliteration to reinforce sounds

This educational app introduces and reinforces children’s understanding of initial letter sounds, as outlined in The Primary National Strategy. Working with the first 8 letters (s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d) Justin introduces and teaches the unique sound each letter makes.

“So tap on a letter that makes a sound, let’s take a look at we’ve found!”

What’s Justin going to pull out of the magic box? Well, there’s a pink pig, an amazing apple and a talking tiger, to name just a few.

Then it’s time for an interactive game to test and extend understanding. Choose the right letter to build a word and watch it come to life.
Find the right letter to make an angry ant, a slithering snake or even a paddling penguin!

The final section is a multi choice game to add more fun and consolidation. Find the three words that start with the letter that makes a “t” sound. Get it right and the flash cards come to life with their own animation.

Are you ready to play?
Then it’s over to you, pick a letter and let the learning begin.

Created and Produced by Allan Johnston BAFTA Award Winning Creator of Mr Tumble (aka Something Special). Allan is an Educational Broadcast Specialist having spent 22 years creating Children’s Educational programmes for the BBC as well as training as a Primary School teacher.

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