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Justin's World - Goldilocks

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About Justin's World - Goldilocks

Justin’s World – Goldilocks and the Three Bears is a fun, interactive story, where children carry out tasks to help Goldilocks tidy up after the three bears. They follow instructions, play games and complete puzzles, which in turn help children develop language, matching, sorting and counting skills. The beautiful illustrations and engaging style of Justin will attract and maintain children’s attention from start to finish.

Teacher Review

This is the app that will break the mold for  future renditions of Old Nursery Tales. At present there are only 14 apps in Google Play for Nursery Tales and 46 in the iOS App Store. 

The app tells the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears which many children will already be familiar with before playing with the app. The story and interactive game sequences provide a spin on the traditional story; however, that is precisely the fun of the game. Goldilocks is portrayed as a kind girl, who can sometimes be a little lazy. She wants to clean and tidy the three bears’ cottage but she is going to need the app users' help. So Goldilocks, (a very funny Justin dressed up in a golden wig) asks the children to carry out a series of instructions in order to tidy up. When the instructions are completed correctly, there are bursts of encouragement within the app.

The interactive games develop visual and spatial problem-solving skills as well as practicing how to count, read, listen to and follow instructions. Although the instructions of the story are narrated, the text is also displayed so that children who are learning to read may follow the words and read-along. The app covers all the basics to get ready for the first year of Primary School and encourages children to learn by playing.

Justin displays his engaging charm that children and parents love so much. He dresses up as all the characters in the story and the results are very amusing as well as cute.

I was extremely impressed with the sound and design quality of the app. The illustrations deserve a mention because you can tell that they have been done with love and care. The texture in the smallest of things, such as the leaves, is beautiful, as well as the rustling sounds that they make when the finger is passed over any one of the leaves.  Parents and children will delight in working through the story. The app is a feast for little eyes, ears and brains!

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Android, iPhone


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Justin Fletcher, Britain's best-loved children’s entertainer, presents Goldilocks and the Three Bears! In this new version of the classic story he'll be bringing meaning and purpose to your child's play. Justin himself will guide your child through the interactive games and activities to get them laughing, thinking - and learning.


  • The story of Goldilocks as an interactive storybook
  • Videos of Justin
  • Four new characters played by Justin Fletcher
  • Illustrations and animations
  • Hours of fun and learning for your child based around the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum
  • Interactive activities to develop language, matching, sorting and counting skills

For the very first time, Justin will be using his talents as a children’s entertainer to bring his unique style of fun and learning to the world of apps. Specially shot video and beautiful illustrations will transport your child into a world of educational fun as they help Goldilocks with a variety of tasks.

Along the way, Justin will be giving them help, advice and feedback, as well as making them laugh out loud as he brings the characters to life in his own special way.


Say hello to Goldilocks. She is kind and helpful (and some say she's very pretty). However, she is definitely a little bit lazy, which is why she is going to need your help to clean the three bears' cottage.

Your first job is to clear away all the leaves to find the cottage hidden in the middle of the wood. You can also say hello to the ladybirds and join in with their counting game.

Then step inside the cottage to help clean and tidy all of the rooms. You are going to be very busy mopping and dusting and sorting and matching and counting and….phew! There’s so much to do, but don’t worry Justin is there to help.

Which is just as well really, as Goldilocks seems to be spending all her time trying to make herself look beautiful rather than working!

All of a sudden there’s a noise downstairs - the bears are back! You can say hello to them by simply tapping on their picture - hmm, they look a little familiar don’t they?

Now, someone has eaten baby bear's porridge and broken his little chair. Who could it be? Can you make baby bear a special breakfast treat and mend his chair?

Finally it’s upstairs into the bedroom - which is where we discover Goldilocks, fast asleep on Baby Bears bed. Why is she tired? YOU did all the work! Baby Bear decides to wake her up with a little roar - Can you help out as well?


  • Find the cottage hidden in the wood
  • Count and tap the ladybirds to make them fly
  • Help Goldilocks clean the bear’s house
  • Use the mop to make the kitchen sparkle
  • Find and place the toys back in the box
  • Fix baby bear’s chair and prepare a breakfast for him.
  • Instructional voice over by Justin
  • Specially commissioned script at appropriate language level
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