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Endorsed by the children’s entertainer Justin Fletcher, Justin’s World Alphabet Machine is just one of a series of great applications that teach young children about letters and words.

Aimed at the under 5’s, nursery, primary schools or to be used to support your child at home the app teaches the basics of the alphabet. The much loved children’s entertainer delivers the alphabet in his unique way that is not only educational but entertaining. The app has many features such as 26 unique comedy clips performed by Justin, interactive game play to reinforce letters and test understanding, amazing animations and over 100 beautiful illustrations with superb composed music and sound effects to bring the learning to life.

Justin's World - Alphabet Machine Review

Justin Fletcher’s Alphabet Machine is just one of a series of apps endorsed by the much loved children’s entertainer.

Upon opening the app the user is greeted by a beautiful opening sequence and illustrations that puts the user at ease. Settings on the home page include links to other apps in the series, a social media page link, a link to the apps website and a contact method. By pressing Play on the robots chest the app is opened to display the alphabet machine where the user can choose a set letter from the alphabet. Upon testing we found that our younger users had slight difficulty understanding what they needed to do in the first instance and some had trouble scrolling the wheel to stick to a particular letter. A step up step down button may have been better here.

Once chosen the robot establishes the letter using phonetics in lower case (a problem with many similar apps especially American) and the red button is pressed. At this point you have a choice to either play the game or watch the video description.

The video describes the letter and links it to a given word such as U for Unhappy. These videos are supported by Justin Fletcher and his unique style that younger children will love. Music plays throughout the app which can be turned off in the top right. However the music does enhance the apps playability.

If the game is chosen the letter falls into a series of tubes that have to be matched to enable it to travel to the bottom. The user will need to match the tubes to move onto the next stage. When testing we found that this was very repetitive and the same pattern every time. We would have liked to have seen some differentiation here with more tubes to match or a different pattern.

Once the next level has been reached the user has to find four pictures that match the chosen letter. Press the green button to start the machine. Choosing a correct ‘Yes’ answer will move the picture along the conveyer belt triggering a series of moves to cover Justin with slime, we found this amusing every time. A wrong answer will trigger a siren whilst a picture that does not have the correct sound but is identified goes into a very hungry and noisy rubbish bin. Once all four pictures have been found the game is completed. Pulling the handle of the machine also changes the machines colour. You are prompted here to either play gain or choose another letter.

Although this application has some great educational values we did find the app very repetitive and mostly suited to much younger children. We felt that older users of 4-5 years of age became bored quite quickly and became frustrated at the speed of the game. A system to see which letters had been chosen and a reward system for completing all the alphabet would have been nice to see. Many users choose the letters they were most familiar or comfortable with.

Overall this app is beautifully designed and has some stunning graphics. Those who are familiar with Justin Fletcher will love the videos however we felt that certain parts of the app lacked in variety.

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JUSTIN’S WORLD: - Alphabet Machine.


Ready to learn the alphabet? Well you’re just in time because Justin is here to help. In his own unique way the multi talented Justin Fletcher will make the learning of all 26 letters memorable, meaningful and fun.

Designed by teachers and our educational consultant it’s a perfect start for little ones at Nursery, Primary School or at home.

Comedy sketches, funny animations and educational game play all combine to bring the alphabet to life in a way that will keep your little one mesmerised for hours. And what’s more it’s so easy to play

26 unique comedy clips performed by Justin
Interactive game play to reinforce letters and test understanding
Fun and learning based around the Primary National Strategy
As with all Justin’s World apps amazing animations and over 100 beautiful illustrations
Specially composed music and sound effects to bring the learning to life

How to play

Once you’ve entered the Alphabet Machine, simply spin the dial and choose a letter. Then decide if you want to watch a funny video clip or play the alphabet picture game.

If you select “video,” there are 26 comedy clips to watch. Each one contextualises the letter in a fun and slapstick way

Select “game” and operate the alphabet machine to find 4 pictures that begin with the chosen letter. For every picture you find, the reward is to gunge Justin with custard!

Are you ready to play?
Then it’s over to you, pick a letter and let the learning begin.

rds come to life with their own animation.

- iPhone 3GS onwards, optimized for iOS 8 
- iPad 2 onwards, optimized for iOS 8 
- Instructional voice over by Justin 
- Based on the Primary National Strategy

Created and Produced by Allan Johnston BAFTA Award Winning Creator of Mr Tumble (aka Something Special). Allan is an Educational Broadcast Specialist having spent 22 years creating Children’s Educational programmes for the BBC as well as training as a Primary School teacher.

If you like our phonics game please let others know all about it and if you get a moment it would be a great help if you do as little job for us as well, and share a positive review on the App Store (link)

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