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About Justin Guitar

Justin Guitar is a fantastic online guitar tutorial website. Justin Guitar is also available for free to download on iOS and Android devices.

Justin Guitar is a visually clear and stimulating step-by step approach to learning guitar. It includes unique 10-minute daily exercises designed to help you progress fast, alongside structured lessons and practice plans. The app includes over 1,000 hit songs to play along to which are organised according to ability levels and the amount of chords learned by the user.

Justin Guitar Review

What is Justin Guitar

Justin Guitar is a popular online guitar course that offers completely free online guitar lessons that have decent quality to them and a suitable selection of courses and great songs to choose from. 

The website is created by Justin Sandercoe, a guitarist and teacher who is dedicated to sharing his knowledge with students around the world.

Justin Guitar covers both beginner and intermediate skill levels. There are also advanced lessons you can try out, and each focuses on different skills and techniques you might want to learn. 

What we love about Justin Guitar

Justin Guitar’s eye catching and high quality, lesson modules provide the musician with a clear step-by-step approach to playing the guitar with good technique and accuracy. The integrated song library, organised by difficulty level allows the user to be able to play songs from the very start, providing them with a clear benchmark of success at every step of the learning journey.

Each of the songs in the large library can be played with the choice of a click track, simple practice backing track, play-along with the band and also with the vocals. The layout is very clear and there is the option within each song to see videos of what the strumming pattern should look like and handy, inbuilt recap videos of each chord.

What skills does it improve?

Justin Guitar develops the guitarists technical ability to play chords and improve their physical technique, strumming and scales within staged modules of learning.

Learners can then test their understanding with the tailored backing tracks and popular songs. It develops not only physical guitar skills and aural learning but also the players ability to read chord diagrams and understand the notes on the fretboard.

The player is clearly guided throughout the app in how to use the each function e.g. the inbuilt tuner, how to properly hold the guitar, how to successfully create a clear guitar chord sound etc.

For users with some previous guitar experience there is the option to find the songs they want to learn in the library and move on to later guitar modules for chords that they are not yet familiar with.

What age is it appropriate for?

The app is most suitable for secondary school children/college and university students or adult learners. It is most suitable for complete beginners or for those who have tried guitar a little in the past but did not make as much progress as they had hoped. It is designed for those who are looking to teach themselves the guitar and complements a weekly practice schedule.

Is Justin Guitar easy to use?

The activities and exercises in Justin Guitar are easy to understand and use. The menu is very straightforward to use for a practice session and has a clear design with quick access to the course modules and song library.

How will students benefit?

The Justin Guitar app is useful in helping provide students with clear, visually stimulating and interactive lessons that focus on specific aspects of playing and particular chord shapes. This could support work completed with a tutor and provide a recap of chords and techniques learned as well as allowing the student to move forward in their own practice without having to wait for the next tutor lesson. The range of songs in the song library also allows the learner to rehearse chord changes and technical knowledge learned in the lessons in the context of different pieces.

How will teachers benefit?

The interactive lessons in which students can revise techniques learned previously will be useful for when the teacher is not present. Teachers can also use Justin Guitar in lessons to provide song backings for students to play along to. This could

be hugely beneficial in freeing the teacher from playing along with the student and allowing them to focus on observing the students technique. From a lesson planning perspective the staged process of the Justin Guitar modules can help teachers chunk the learning with clear, effective explanation videos.

How will parents benefit?

The Justin Guitar app is free to try out and is a structured way to support home practice, ensuring that rehearsals include warm-ups and clear tutorial as well as expanding the child's playing through the range of songs in the library. It allows parents to hear how the child's guitar part fits with the other band parts, enabling students to practice their performance fully and hear their playing in the context of the whole song.

We think Justin Guitar could improve on:

It would be useful to have a quick chord reference guide within the app. The app could further extend the modules to include finger picking and classical guitar technique at a higher level. The regular additions to the library will be appreciated by users and it would be nice to see some classical guitar repertoire available in the future.

Tap JustinGuitar.com into your browser and you’ll discover a learning platform that easily rivals any of its paid-for competitors, such as Fender Play or Yousician

How much does Justin Guitar cost?

Justin Guitar is free to download. There is a free 7 day trial which you sign up for when you download the app. Following this the app is £8.99 per month/£80.99 for the year which is a FULL ACCESS subscription that unlocks unlimited access to the entire song collection of Playground and all the stages of the Guitar Learning Path. New song releases are also included.

Is Justin Guitar safe to use?

Yes. The application does require an account and contact information to start with but no other personal data is requested. There are no chat features and the app's data protection compliance is explained on the website.

Overall rating of the app:

I would highly recommend this app to anyone wanting to begin learning guitar on either an electric or acoustic instrument. It complements a weekly practice schedule and encourages a daily practice routine. The app is visually stimulating and engaging and the song library provides a good selection of the most notable guitar song repertoire.

Justin Guitar is an engaging and stimulating app for any new guitarist.

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