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About Joy Doodle

Joy Doodle is a simple drawing app that allows children endless possibilities to create on mobile devices.

Joy Doodle Review

Joy Doodle is a doodle app that encourages small children to practice their drawing skills.

What do we like about Joy Doodle?

Simple but entertaining tools including various brushes, erasers, and a colour palette are available in Joy Doodle. It automatically produces video clips that display the user's actual strokes.

What skills does it improve?

Joy Doodle helps you to improve your skills of drawing. 

What age is it appropriate for?

Joy Doodle is suitable for all preschoolers as well as older children that enjoy drawing.

Is Joy Doodle free?

Joy Doodle is free to download on all iOS devices. 

Is Joy Doodle easy to use?

Joy Doodle is a unique drawing tool created especially for young children. It provides a plain drawing pad without any unnecessary features. Simple tools including a colour palette, eraser, and brushes that are adjusted erratically are available.

How will users benefit?

Kids enjoy drawing brightly coloured stick figures, doodles, and other everyday items like houses, flowers, and animals. The good news is that Joy Doodle makes it possible for kids to create beautiful doodles on their iOS devices.

Any image on your camera roll or in your image library can be imported and used as the background. The picture can then be enhanced by your child's doodle lines. Doodles can be saved as still photos or moving images. You can send saved doodle photos and video recordings to your friends and family using the app.

For young children, Joy Doodle is a straightforward drawing tool. It features appealing customizable brushes and vibrant palettes that will amuse kids.

The auto-record tool in this app, which records your child's painting gestures in real time, is arguably one of its most remarkable features. So that you can see how the drawing was made, it will then turn the captured strokes into a brief movie clip.

Joy Doodle is fundamentally about simplicity. To open the drawing pad, simply load the app from the list of installed programmes. Then you can let your kid draw doodles by choosing any brush tool. To record your child's drawing and capture the brushstrokes, simply tap the movie reel symbol.

How much does Joy Doodle cost?

Joy Doodle is available free of cost. 

Final thoughts

With its straightforward user interface, Joy Doodle is ideal for young children. It provides a drawing pad without interruptions with various coloured backdrops. The app includes brushes, an eraser, and an undo feature among its most basic drawing tools. Your child can use a variety of brushes, including crayons, oil, luminous neon, and rainbow ones. To keep kids interested, brushes modify themselves randomly.

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