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About Journey - Diary, Journal

The journey is an app for digital journaling. With Journey, you can write comments, upload photos, track your mood, and geotag your notes to know where you were when you wrote them.

Journey - Diary, Journal Review

What do we like about Journey?

For those who enjoy facts, statistics, and visual feedback, Journey App is also fantastic. A graph on your homepage displays the number of entries you've made each month. The "What makes me feel..." chart is placed below the monthly mood chart. To log all of your workouts in one spot, you may also link to Google Fit. In the media section, upload images, movies, files, and voice recordings to build a personalised photo journal.

What skills does it improve?

If you are new to journaling, enjoy data and visual statistics, wish to create a photo notebook, are travelling, or are an experienced journaler looking for fresh topics, Journey App is worth a try.

What age is it appropriate for?

The Journey app is appropriate for all ages. 

Is Journey free?

The Journey app is free to download on all Android and iOS devices. 

Is Journey easy to use?

The journey has an amazing feature set, syncs with several platforms and devices, lets you record a tonne of information from your days, and makes it simpler to journal.

How will students benefit?

On the go, the Journey app is fantastic. In comparison to taking a second book around with you, it takes up less room and is lighter. When you upload a photo, you can also take quick notes. A picture may be worth a thousand words, yet it cannot fully convey the sensations of scent, sound, and emotion. On the road, use Journey App to rapidly keep track of your movements so you don't miss anything.

How will teachers benefit?

Use the Journey app to keep a journal and bring the experience of keeping a diary or journal online. By including images and locations, if you'd like, the app enables you to be more imaginative while curating your daily life experiences, thoughts, or learning. Your journal will be preserved indefinitely thanks to the Journey app because it is kept on Google Drive. Additionally, having access to your journal while carrying it about on your smartphone makes maintaining it secure and private much simpler.

What can Journey improve on?

The Journey app's mood tracking is not particularly thorough. There are five different small face emojis available, ranging from a wide smile to a big frown. The complexity of human emotions is significantly more than this.

How much does Journey cost?

The Journey app is available at the cost of $3.99 per month.

Final thoughts

The Journey App is fantastic for photo and digital journals. I'd suggest it to those just starting out journaling, those who enjoy keeping track of their progress, travellers, and those searching for fresh diary ideas. You receive specially crafted daily journal prompts from the coach programmes to help you with any kind of self-discovery and development you can imagine, including body positivity.

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