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Jazzy World Tour

  • iPad, iPhone
  • Free
  • age 5+

About Jazzy World Tour

Jazzy World is an app that focuses on teaching about music and instruments through the exploration of a world tour. The opening screen takes you to a large map of the world; allowing you to select from seven different countries. The United States, Brazil, Spain, and Egypt are only half of the places your child can journey to in this app.


Teacher Review

The “learn” tab introduces some basic objects that teach players about the culture of the chosen country. These include a selection of musical instruments, local wildlife, famous buildings, foods, religious deities and more.

The play section already has a scene built out for you and allows your child to touch on the characters and instruments to make animation and music.

The create section is a picture board or much like a sticker book. Kids can select from all the images they just learned about pertaining to that particular culture and create their own scene.

Jazzy World Tour is a great addition to your app collection and is great for kids beginning at pre-school age and ranging up to middle school as their reading skills increase and they can move from using the app as a musical sticker book to reading the information about different cultures by themselves. If you are looking for an app to teach your children about culture and various parts of the world, this app is for you.

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iPad, iPhone




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In-App Purchases - Yes

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The Melody Book

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  • Jazzy World TourJazzy World TourJazzy World TourJazzy World TourJazzy World Tour


Join our two kittens on a magical journey as they travel the world in a hot air balloon. Visit Brazil, Japan, Spain, India, Australia, Ireland, Russia and more, as we explore each country's unique music and culture.

Play the different musical instruments with interactive fun pages filled with entertaining sounds and vivid illustrations. From the sandy pyramids of Egypt to the wildlife of Kenya, Jazzy World Tour is an adventure that is sure to broaden your child's horizon.


• New quiz section for each country! Kids can test their knowledge and share results with parents and teachers.

• Create your own amazing videos and photos. Save them in the travel book or share your creations for FREE. No need to register and pay for downloads.

• Your kids will learn smart facts about music instruments, animals, food and culture from around the globe.

• Listen to quality and authentic music from each country. We gathered professional musicians from all over the world and recorded them in our New York City studio!

• This app has proven to be challenging and fun for kids ages 5-10.

• This app will teach your kids and keep them engaged for hours of happy learning. Perfect for classroom or homeschool students.

• Even parents will learn a thing or two about the different countries presented. Share the learning experience with your child!

• This download comes with all countries for one low price!

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