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James May's Science Stories

About James May's Science Stories

James May Science Stories is a new way to bring science to life!

James May Science Stories is the highly innovative new way to bring science to life! A partnership between the Science Museum in London, and world renowned television presenter James May, whether you are in the Museum itself or at home anywhere in the world, make learning fun and informative!

The App uses the wonders of "augmented reality", as James gives you an overview is his own inimitable style on ten fascinating exhibits from the Museum's "Making of the Modern World" gallery.

Learn about the Model T Ford, the Rolls Royce Merlin engine the world's first X-Ray machine and much more... and make sure you are paying attention, so you get maximum marks in the Quiz!

The App is designed to be useful and suitable for a wide range of ages, and uses a 'marker' to 'trigger' the augmented reality, and whether in the museum or at home, a full explanation on exactly how to do this is included within the App.

To download the 'marker' which 'triggers' the augmented reality for the out of museum experience, please visit the following link at the Science Museum website:

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