Jack Stalwart: Passport to Adventure

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Whether your child is or is not a reader of the Jack Stalwart series, this app is fantastic for learning and playing. You do not have to be familiarised with the Jack Stalwart series in order to play, as the app serves as a standalone game. However, we are sure that you will end up reaching for the books after playing with it too.  The best thing about it is that children who are reluctant readers will be so hooked they will not even realise that they are putting in the “hard work” to follow the story and solve the puzzles.

The idea is that the user/learner becomes a secret agent and travels around the world solving burglaries of priceless objects. The agent, is sent to a country with the aim of following a series of clues in order to find the burglar. Whilst in the country, he/she must solve a series of puzzles, riddles and read about the country, its culture, typical objects and traditions in order to complete the puzzles.  Each puzzle ends on a cliff-hanger so that the users will be itching to get to the next stage of the story. The countries that the “Secret Agents” visit are Australia, Thailand, UK, Cambodia, France, USA, Brazil and Egypt.  The story is laid as a real international spy thriller and the breadth of information about each country is amazing and really engaging.  Children will be practicing their Geography, English and reasoning skills.

The app is fantastically engaging and a real joy to use. Your children will be enthralled.

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From the Developer

Eight priceless treasures have been stolen in eight countries around the world. Your mission is to identify and find each of these treasures by solving coded messages, cryptic riddles, tricky tile puzzles and dastardly search and finds.

Each time you find a treasure, you’ll earn a passport stamp. Collect all eight passport stamps, and you’ll receive a free Jack Stalwart prize download at the end. The ultimate prize is a GPF Gadget Trading Card highlighting one of the gadgets featured in the Jack Stalwart chapter book series by author Elizabeth Singer Hunt.

For parents, teachers and librarians, this app teaches world culture and geography and can be used to supplement classroom instruction.

The Secret Agent Jack Stalwart chapter book series has won critical praise for its ability to showcase geography and world culture within the context of an exciting adventure story for younger readers. It’s been listed as a ‘must read’ for boys by the British Education Secretary, featured on Virgin Atlantic Airways flights, serialized by BBC4 Radio and recently optioned for film.

For more information about the book series, visit www.elizabethsingerhunt.com.

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