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IXL offers almost infinite amount of practice questions to develop and test students’ Maths skills for all ages. IXL Learning is great for revision covering 2,000 skills across early math and have a comprehensive reporting system.

IXL Math and IXL English are available in UK version. IXL Science, IXL Language and IXL Social Studies are only available in US version. A subscription is required to access IXL's unlimited exercises, tracking, awards, and certificates. IXL Math is one of the best math apps for students of all ages.

IXL is available on iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

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Review of IXL

This teacher review concentrates on the math part of IXL. IXL has over 7,000 skills covering to support public school or homeschooled learners with a range of needs, abilities, and grade levels. 'Smartscore' system promotes working through the questions, not guessing and the variety of question types is also admirable.  Both parents and teachers can make good use of its contents to support their children’s mathematical development.  

To review the IXL Math app, its context within the IXL Math platform must be understood, as it is very much embedded within the platform as a whole. IXL is designed to facilitate maths practice across the entire school age range. As part of this, it aims to motivate students, keep parents informed and ease the record-keeping burden of teachers. This app is a means of accessing the IXL Math exercises alongside the longer-established computer-based option. IXL Math app covers hundreds of math topics including numbers, equations, time, measuring, money, geometry, and graphing & statistics.

One of the interesting ways that IXL app works are in how it decides when a maths skill has been mastered. It is determined by a ‘SmartScore’. Based on the quite reasonable assumption that completing several questions or reaching a certain score is not an indication of mastery, this SmartScore is determined by other factors. It is based on many different measures to more accurately determine to understand. Wrong answers can bring the score down and the points awarded for correct answers are weighted by the program to represent the skills used.

It is an excellent system. It feels right and prevents students from just guessing because the effort involved in choosing the correct one is too much for them. The more incorrect answers, the longer the exercise will take, so the greater the incentive to choose wisely. It does mean that teachers should be careful with weaker students as they could find them stuck in an exercise for a long time if they just can’t grasp it. Not that the app leaves students unsupported in their learning. Incorrect answers are met with a detailed explanation to help students understand where they went wrong.

The questions comprehensively cover all years, from reception to year 13, and are useful for all of these years. It is, perhaps, weaker towards the earlier years due to the dependency on reading skills of the explanations. Where appropriate the questions do have a button that will speak the key information, such as the arithmetical operation, but not everything can be spoken.

An additional strength of the app is that it does not rely entirely on multiple-choice questions as so many others do. Depending on the subject, students could be moving vertices of shapes, entering numbers, or some other method appropriate to the area of maths. This makes it more intuitive, more interesting and more appropriate to exam revision.

Both teachers and students can track performance easily and in ways appropriate to their needs. Students can see their awards and accomplishments in the app. Teachers can get a variety of reports, although, at the moment, this needs to be done using a computer rather than the app, but this functionality is coming. This highlights that this app is part of a platform. With their accounts, students and teachers can access their content across many devices. The experience is broadly the same but, occasionally, new content may lag slightly behind on some of the devices. 

With the huge amount of questions and associated explanations, either the app had to be enormous in size or it would require internet connectivity. It has chosen the latter so you must be aware that a Wi-Fi network will be required. The other implication of this is that there can be a slight loading time occasionally. This is particularly noticeable when an explanation to a wrong answer needs to be displayed and you may see a buffering symbol for a couple of seconds.

Maths practice is an essential aspect of maths education and this app tightly focuses on making this as productive and efficient as possible. Parents and teachers alike can utilise it to ensure that their children master and remember the maths skills they are taught at school.

IXL for English Language Learners

IXL’s personalized learning platform provides the tools needed to help English language learners build confidence and reach new heights. Each English language learner has a unique profile of strengths and weaknesses. Users will have access to the various sections according to the needs whether it is kindergarten or preschool or from first grade to 12th grade.

And, with IXL Analytics, parents stay in the loop on their kids' practice, and teachers get actionable data that makes it a breeze to track student progress, pinpoint trouble spots, and more. IXL's nine reports are more than just numbers, offering real-time insights that let teachers know when students need help and how they can help. Intuitive and visual, IXL Analytics brings relevant data into focus so teachers can concentrate on what they do best: teach. From subjects, to activities, and grades, IXL is the most comprehensive classroom product that makes learning fun and engaging for kids of all ages.

IXL Subscription

IXL.com delivers an adaptive learning experience for all students in all grades, in math, English language arts, science, and social studies. IXL is available online and as an app for iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, and Kindle Fire.

IXL for Families

IXL's family memberships are perfect for homeschooling families that provides unlimited access to IXL's practice problems personalised to your child's level.

IXL Free Trial for Families

You can practise ten free questions in each subject per day, and that’s a great way to get familiar with the skills and types of practice questions available on IXL. For the full experience with access to IXL Analytics, awards and certificates and unlimited practice, signing up for a membership is the best option. IXL offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.


Maths - £7.99 per month

English - £7.99 per month

Maths and English - £12.99 per month

IXL for Schools

Purchase a classroom licence to get immediate access to thousands of interactive skills, real-time analytics and valuable teacher insights.

IXL Free Trial for Schools

Explore IXL with a free 30-day classroom trial. Your free trial includes unlimited access to adaptive practive in thousands of skills and IXL Analytics.


Maths - £7.99 per month

Maths - £179 per annum - 25 students

English - £179 per annum - 25 students

Maths and English - £249 per annum - 25 students

What does IXL stand for

IXL (from "I excel") is a math & language arts practice website for K-12 (subscription based). It has unlimited questions on thousands of math topics and a comprehensive reporting system.

With IXL.com math, English language arts, science and social studies, learners are inspired to discover the joy of learning with everything from learning to count by placing stickers on colorful backgrounds to recognizing common grammatical mistakes in real world street signs.

Parent reviews for IXL

"The IXL learning program is so comprehensive in the areas of math and language arts. I feel like if my child can go through all the lessons, he'll have everything down that he needs to know for his current grade level."

Teacher reviews for IXL

"As a teacher I loved that I could see who mastered what skill and who needs more improvement, how much time they have worked on each skill, and how many questions (and what questions) they answered correctly and incorrectly. It saves a ton of time and allows me to provide individualized instruction, and/or quickly realize I need to differentiate instruction."

Student reviews for IXL

"I am 13, I have Aspergers Syndrome, and I found it hard to do maths and other subjects in mainstream school. I am homeschooled and can deal with the other subjects now, but the math curriculum was still impossible for me. IXL is the best thing since sliced bread! Well, maybe that's exaggerating, but seriously, If you have a special needs kid of any age, or you're a parent or teacher, give IXL a shot. I love IXL, and now I love maths! Much to my mom's delight"

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IXL Learning

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IXL is a learning tool with over 4,500 skills in math and English language arts, students can find comprehensive, standards-aligned content for all grade levels. Interactive questions and virtual rewards create an engaging learning environment that motivates students to master skills and explore new topics. Feel good about your kids’ tablet time as they use IXL to keep their skills sharp anytime, anywhere - it’s practice that feels like play!

IXL Math 

More than 3,300 standards-aligned skills provide comprehensive coverage of pre-K through 12th grade math. Unlimited questions and no templates mean students can practice, review, and master a skill—and never see the same question twice. From skip-counting with pictures to graphing quadratic functions, IXL's interactive question types bring the joy of learning to students’ fingertips.

IXL English Language Arts

Enter a new era of grammar instruction with IXL’s English language arts program for grades 2–12. The fundamentals of writing are brought to life through fun and witty questions that challenge students to learn new vocabulary, correct grammatical mistakes, and understand textual context. Over 1,300 skills prepare kids to become confident communicators in school and life.

IXL Science 
IXL Science will inspire your students to become scientists, engineers, and doctors. Students will learn about the world around them through engaging content aligned to state and Next Generation Science Standards. Interactive skills covering everything from Biology to identify chemical changes in Chemistry to analyze Earth science and evaluate engineering design process will foster children's curiosity and build a lifelong love of science.
IXL Social Studies
IXL Social Studies offers a new and exciting way for students to learn about history, civics, geography, and more. They'll develop critical thinking skills as they study the causes of the American Revolution, analyze maps, and learn about cultures. It puts students in touch with cultures around the world in a way that is deeply engaging.

Highlights of IXL

  • Comprehensive standards-aligned curriculum 

  • Wide variety of question types to engage students

  • Unlimited access to all grade levels

  • Insightful reports and weekly updates on your student’s progress

  • More than 23 billion unique questions answered on IXL


“Thanks to IXL, our students' performance has increased dramatically.  Because they practice the skills daily, and because the site provides feedback, students are able to correct their mistakes and master the concepts easily.”

Waleska Batista, teacher, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, U.S.A.

“My favourite feature of IXL is that if you get a question wrong IXL will tell you how to solve it and what you did wrong. Another thing I really enjoy is that IXL provides awards and progress reports showing how you do over time. I think these two things are very effective because they make the student feel like they are actually studying and not wasting time.”

Student, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“This program takes the frustration out of math because it allows the student to practice at his/her own pace and stay focused. It's okay if you mark one wrong because another one will be waiting. This is a great tool to have.”

Parent of a 4th grader, California, U.S.A.

“We like the rewards and certificates; our children work very hard to receive these! The reports are also brilliant in keeping us informed of the levels our children have reached and where they need extra help.”

Parent, Coolah, NSW, Australia

“My students are improving by the day, and some even stay in for recess to work on IXL!”

Helm Jackson, 5th grade teacher, Redmond, Washington, U.S.A.

IXL Membership

Become an IXL member for per month and you’ll get access to unlimited practice in all grade levels, earn awards and much more! 

Pricing may vary by country. Your subscription will be charged through your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and will automatically renew within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period, unless auto-renewal is turned off beforehand. You may manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal at any time from your iTunes account settings after purchase, but no refunds will be provided for the unused portion of the period. 

Terms of Service: https://www.ixl.com/termsofservice 

Privacy Policy: https://www.ixl.com/privacypolicy

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