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About iWriteWords Lite

iWriteWords is a handwriting app where users trace words, letters, and numbers at their own pace in order to become more familiar with the alphabet and numeral system. iWriteWords is a powerful and fully customizable app designed to address fine motor deficiencies, especially those seen in autistic children. 

iWriteWords Lite Review

iWriteWords is a handwriting app designed for younger kids, helping them to practice writing letters and numbers at their own pace. The cartoon graphics and whimsical sound effects, as well as the simplicity of the words, make the app great for younger age groups. It’s purpose it simple too: helping kids to become more familiar with the basic sounds and structures of individual letters. An image also accompanies each letter, which aids in the association of letter with words, and words with images. 

The app is interactive in the sense that users are not passively spelling words; rather, actively writing letters that match the outlines that are presented. The words are very simple, (“cat” or “owl”) and a picture accompanies each word, allowing users to associate an image with a set of letters. iWriteWords is not one of the more fully-functional educational apps – but that is not its purpose. The app’s purpose is to help young learners increase their familiarity with the basics of writing words, spelling and understanding numbers. Cartoon graphics and sound effects make the app great for young children, easing the pressure involved in transitioning from early learning, to pre-school and kindergarten.

The iWriteWords app provides filters that allow parents and educators to select the upper case and lower case letters to be presented to students.

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