iWawa (Kids Home, Kids Mode)

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About iWawa (Kids Home, Kids Mode)

A fantastic app for keeping children safe and managing their use of technology.

iWawa (Kids Home, Kids Mode) Review

I Wawa is not in itself educational, but provides a way of making an Android device safe for children to use, meaning they can access educational and entertaining apps and websites without any risk of coming across anything inappropriate. The system is very easy to set up - upon opening the app for the first time you are taken through all the steps necessary to add a new child account to the system (or several if different children will be using the device). The setup process makes each step very simple - firstly giving basic details about the child so that they can use the app later on, then specifying which apps and websites that child will be allowed to visit. There are also options for restricting the time that each child is allowed to use the device for, either the same settings for each day, or with different restrictions for each day of the week if that is preferred. During setup you can also choose an unlock mechanism for adults using the device.

Once everything is setup, the app is very easy for children to use by themselves - they choose their photo from the front page and then get their personal options for apps to use beyond. As well as any apps that have been permitted during setup, the I Wawa app has extra built in apps of its own, such as a camera and a web browser, with the restricted set of websites that were chosen previously. An adult can also set up folders of music, videos and pictures that the child can access through I Wawa, without them getting into the main folders for these within the Android system.

The whole app has been really well designed to be easy and useful for the adult sharing their Android device, as well as being fun and feature rich for the children to use. The system allows children to do so many different things, and for so many settings to be customised, that it could be used for children from a very young age and yet be flexible enough to allow older children to take part in a range of activities on the Android.

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You can download iWawa (Kids Home, Kids Mode) on your Android devices from the Google Play Store.

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  • iWawa (Kids Home, Kids Mode)iWawa (Kids Home, Kids Mode)iWawa (Kids Home, Kids Mode)iWawa (Kids Home, Kids Mode)iWawa (Kids Home, Kids Mode)iWawa (Kids Home, Kids Mode)iWawa (Kids Home, Kids Mode)