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Activities that teach kids about the context of words while making them laugh.

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"I use this with my preschooler at home and am looking forward to using it at work, with children who have language delays!"
"My son is 24 months and your app is teaching him to read!"
"Excellent pictures for all students and preschoolers. As a bilingual speech language pathologist this app will definitely come into good use."
"My 18 month old grandson and 3 year old great nephew really enjoy your app so much that I need two iPads when they are both together just to avoid any fighting, so keep up the great work!!!! "
"I love it for my students"
"My four year old and 18 month year old love this app!"

"iTouchiLearn Words gives an interesting twist to iPhone educational apps. The animations are colorful and amusing, and hold great appeal for kids. Most iPhone educational apps work with flashcards, and iTouchiLearn Words is a fresh perspective that kids will enjoy and also learn something new in the process. iTouchiLearn Words is a fun way for kids to learn how to spell, pronounce and also see what words look like. It is definitely one of the better educational apps on the iPhone, and more of it would be most welcome." -iPhone Educational Games

"For those parents who have children who are just beginning how to learn to read, or for those parents who want an "edutaining" app for their young child, iTouchiLearn Words is a great choice. This app only costs $1.99, but it is better than some game apps that you will find priced so much more. iTouchiLearn Words will quickly become a favorite of your child. I highly recommend iTouchiLearn Words. iTouchiLearn Words can help children learn how to recognize certain words, and can teach them that learning is a fun process, too." Helium - 5 Stars!

"A cute and engaging educational app geared toward teaching toddlers word and image associations. Great for the burgeoning mind. I really like the egg animation, in particular. It’s actually quite brilliant, and I’m sure, fascinating for a child to behold. iTouchiLearn Words definitely has more potential than other, more static flashcard type apps in the App Store." -AppStruck - 4 Stars!

Word activities teach kids about the context of words while making them laugh. Words are associated through four modes of early learning: animation, spelling, picture, word. iTouchiLearn Words for Preschool Kids is a must-have app for teaching early learning, literacy, cognitive, language and verbal skills:

★Sight Words
★Speech Therapy
★Cognitive Skills
★Special Education

iTouchiLearn Words requires a WiFi or 3G connection to access animated movies.

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