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iTooch Elementary School is a great app for kids to practice language arts, math, and science concepts.

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iTooch Elementary School is a great app for kids in Grade 3 to 5.  It is especially great for using at home, so parents don’t have to go out search for apps at their kids’ level.  All you need to know is your child’s grade level and the subject or topic you want the child to practice on, say, math 2-digit multiplication.
First of all, it is the alignment with school curriculum.  It takes all the guess work out.  For busy parents, it is frustrating when you think you find the right exercise book for your child, and then find out it is too hard or too easy for him/her.  With iTooch, you don’t have to guess anymore.  It saves parents time and money.  It also makes homeschool a lot easier.
Second, it is very comprehensive and detailed on sub-topics.  Here is an example: for 3rd Grade Math, under Geometry, you will see 11 sub-topics, including Polygons, Quadrilaterals, and Perimeter. There are 1500 to 4500 questions under each of the 10 titles.
There is a practice mode and a test mode.  Kids can practice on the subject first, then take a timed test. If they did not do well in tests, they can go back to practice for more exercises.
This app is basically for children who are in grades three, four and five! This app is based on National Common Core standards that has virtual blackboard for notes and diagrams. A good practice can be provided to children as this app has many lessons for each and every concept!
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With more than 25,000 exercises, iTooch Elementary is a new and fun way of practicing and learning Math, Language Arts and Science for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th Graders.

It is, by far, the largest collection of educational activities based on the US National Common Core Standards on the App Store.

Used by more than 4,000,000 users, iTooch apps provide comprehensive learning solutions which help parents, teachers and students to identify and address learning needs in a fun and motivating way.


  • A clear, simple and colorful interface to engage children to learn with fun
  • Speech synthesis to help young users in reading and text comprehension
  • Multi-player management
  • Font size adjustment to suit everyone’s needs
  • An embedded calculator
  • A virtual blackboard
  • A lesson summary attached to each chapter
  • In-app feedback to send suggestions to the author


This app has been everything I was looking for. Multiple question types including decimal points and word problems. And here's the kicker: it is so much fun, I had to pull my 5th grader off of it after 2 hours!

My son is home schooled plus goes to a charter school. This program makes it easy to supplement his schoolwork without buying a lot of books or printing worksheets. I recommend it for all parents who are committed to their children's education.


14 titles that can be tested for free before being purchased:
• Grade 1: Math, Language Arts
• Grade 2: Math, Language Arts
• Grade 3: Math, Language Arts, Science
• Grade 4: Math, Language Arts, Science
• Grade 5: Math, Language Arts, Science, Health
> 40-60 chapters per title with lessons, examples, and figures.
> 1,500-4,500 questions per title with clues, detailed explanations and images.

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