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About iStudiez Pro

The iStudiez Pro lets you manage all of your homework and tasks in one place. There’s a planner, where you can manage all of your courses. There’s also real-time view where you can have an overview of all your classes and other tasks for that day. You can also keep track of your grades and assignments. All of the app’s data can be synced to your computer, phone or tablet (Android, Apple or Windows).

iStudiez Pro Review

What's it about?

iStudiez Pro is a college student's best friend, with great ways to manage classes, assignments, deadlines, and more, all with a well-designed interface that makes it easy to use. It's important to note the iPhone interface is quite a bit different than the iPad version, so most of this review is for the iPad, with differences on the iPhone at the bottom. There are many planner apps for students that are so important to student organization, time management, and work completion.

Is it any good?

More than just a to-do list app, iStudiez Pro lays out your schedule and makes it easy to see what's coming up at a glance. You start by entering your class schedule with days and times and then the professor for each class along with her e-mail address and phone number. You can also enter your professors' office hours if applicable. You can assign colors and icons to each individual class to make your calendar easy to read quickly.

With your schedule entered and out of the way, you can use the calendar view to see what your weeks will look like. At the top of the screen you can touch buttons for either the day or week view. In week view, you can see all your classes laid out for the week. Touch the plus sign in the lower right to enter a new class or exam, enter a holiday, or any other new calendar event. Touching a class in the week view brings up a window that shows you the day and time of the class, the instructor, and any notes you have about the class.

Day view is where you can see everything you need to do that day. A plus sign in the lower left lets you add classes, holidays, and exams just like in week view. The plus sign in the lower right lets you add specific assignments, when they are due, and you can set the priority. You also can set alarms to remind you when a class is coming or an assignment is due.

On the right side of both the week and day views you have a full month calendar, with dots below each day that symbolize the number of classes and assignments for that day. This makes it easy to see just how busy a day is at a glance.

iStudiez vs myHomework

If you aren't concerned with syncing and only need a homework planner app on your iPhone, myHomework provides the best solution at the most reasonable price. 

If iCloud sync and cross-platform support are must haves for you, look no further than iStudiez Pro. It's got a huge list of features that'll keep you organized and set you up for success not only this school year but every year after that.


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