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About iSharing: GPS Location Tracker

iSharing: GPS Location Tracker is a location-tracking app that updates family group members with each member's current and historic locations. It has many convenient features, such as geofencing, driving reports, chat, and Street View. The app has support for 24 languages including: English, Spanish, Arabic, and Mandarin.

Every family member needs to download the free iSharing app. There is a seven-day free trial available for iSharing: GPS Location Tracker. You can extend this by subscribing. Only one family member must pay for the subscription and invite other family members. If you do not renew the subscription, the app still provides limited features.

iSharing: GPS Location Tracker Review

What is iSharing: GPS Location Tracker app?

iSharing uses your device's location features to inform your family of each others' whereabouts. You invite family members to your groups. Once they have installed the app and confirmed the necessary permissions, you all get helpful, convenient and reassuring features.

You'll find many different ways to use these features which suit your family's circumstances and routines.

iSharing has geofencing capabilities which it calls Place Alerts. These let you set up zones. You'll receive a notification when someone in your group enters or leaves this zone.

A good example of this feature in use is defining your child's school as a zone. When they arrive or leave school, you'll know.

You can also have the app notify you when a family group member is within a specified distance. This feature called Nearby Alert was created to prevent losing children. For instance, if the whole family is travelling in a busy area and the child loses the parents and drops outside of a set radius, the app will notify the parents.

There are other uses for this feature too. Family members might find this helpful to know when to start dinner without relying on the other members remembering to text them that they are on their way.

The Premium Service for iSharing includes Street View, which makes it easy to access Google Street View's images of your child's location. This can be helpful to see the sort of area your child has entered or provide remote directions if they need them.

The app holds 90 days of location history. It usefully includes how members travelled between places so you can tell if they used a vehicle or walked to get to places.

The app's Driving Report will tell you how well a car your child was in was driven. This feature might be useful for older kids when they learn to drive or when somebody else is transporting them.

The app has an SOS option. This makes it easy for distressed family members to ask for help quickly and easily.

You can also chat with other family members within the app for convenience.

This review of iSharing uses a Premium Service subscription which gives you the ad-free and fully featured app.

What we love about iSharing app.

iSharing provides families with a solid alternative to other apps that offer family monitoring and control features. Your device's built-in tracker functionality will not provide many of the key elements of this app. Nor will it work if your family uses a mix of platforms, for example, if you have an Android phone and your kids use an iPhone. iSharing works across iOS and Android.

Location trackers are sometimes part of parent control apps. You may not want all those apps' control features, but you would still have to pay for them as part of a subscription.

Those apps also create a more rigid hierarchy of parents monitoring kids. iSharing is for families. Everybody can use the app to know where others are, giving everyone peace of mind. Kids gain reassurance from knowing where their parents are as much as parents do from knowing their kids' location.

Being dedicated to location tracking lets you avoid the many complexities of setting up the potentially invasive features of a complete parental control suite if you don't need those features. You can set up iSharing easily, check it is working, and not get lost in a sea of options for tools you never really wanted.

What skills does it teach?

iSharing does not teach skills or knowledge. Many parents find such apps a great way of allowing kids to become more independent while still being able to supervise them. Greater independence can create more opportunities for learning and personal development, as kids can access local facilities and amenities.

What age is it appropriate for?

Even adult-only families use location-tracking apps for the reassurance and convenience they offer. iSharing needs kids to have a mobile device connected to the internet which will add a minimum age depending on your family's view of a suitable age to have one.

Is iSharing app easy to use?

The app's help section includes useful guides to improve the location tracking services of different platforms, such as Android and iOS. It describes tips for Android devices from different manufacturers, such as Huawei and Xiaomi.

You invite family members to your group by sending an invite code to selected contacts on your phone. The app has a default group of every invited member, but you can add others for different users and purposes.

How will students benefit?

One of the advantages of location tracker apps over full parental control apps is that kids feel they are less of an imposition. You might need the protective features of a parental control app, but if not, this saves kids from feeling they are too much under scrutiny. iSharing is more a family tool than an extension of parental control, so kids will feel happier about having it on their phones.

Kids can see where you are as easy as you can find them. Of course, you don't have to set it up to offer this two-way process, but if you do, kids get reassurance by knowing where you are (even if they won't admit it).  

The default option in iSharing is for the app to share parents' locations with their kids. This default setting emphasises the app's shared purpose without any further setup. Using it, kids can ask parents to pick something up if they see their parents are near a particular shop, or they can prove they've walked the dog and not just hid at the end of the garden!

How will parents benefit?

Parents will always worry about their kids, and they, exploring their early independence, will forget to provide the reassuring updates parents want. iSharing automates notifications, such as when kids arrive, leave, or get near. When parents can identify their kids are at a relative's or friend's house, they feel happier. The same is true if they see their child's journey progressing as expected.

Parents can also use the app to include elderly parents and partners.

How will teachers benefit?

Schools do not typically use location-tracking apps. However, kids with a location tracker on their phones may show improved attendance and punctuality as their parents can more easily monitor when kids arrive and leave school when they travel independently.

How much does iSharing app cost?

The free version of iSharing only allows you to add one other person, so while it is ideal for testing, it won't work for families of more than two members. The free version also shows advertisements.

Is iSharing app safe to use?

Location is sensitive data you should always consider carefully before divulging, especially for kids. If you grant access to your location in an app, you permit it to record where the device is and where it has been. Usually, this will correspond with the location of the user. 

However, apps like iSharing cannot work without this permission. It is your consent that the app requires to track users under 16. The app's privacy policy outlines how it protects and handles this data.

Family members want to know everyone else is safe, and knowing locations helps to do this. Unlike some competing apps, iSharing does not want to offer any form of spying capability. Everybody must give consent to share their location — adults and children.

Location tracker apps provide reassurance and convenience for families, but you must remember their limitations and not rely entirely on them for your child's safety. Interruptions in connectivity, empty batteries, and lost devices will prevent you from knowing where your kids are.

iSharing lets you know if it detects any lack of accuracy when reporting locations.

Kids have been known to use location apps to act as false alibis by leaving phones in safe places while they go elsewhere.

What can iSharing app improve on?

iSharing requires that users enter their phone numbers as part of the setup process. Not all family-tracker apps have this requirement, and we feel it should not be compulsory.

Overall rating of the app.

iSharing is an effective and easy-to-use location-tracking app. It offers all the features typically needed for family location tracking at a competitive price. Try it with one family member to see how it works, and if you find its presence reassuring, upgrade to the Premium Service to expand it to your whole family. iSharing is a five-star app.

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