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iScanner Review

iScanner is a handy scanner app that turns your mobile device into a portable scanner for capturing documents, notes, texts and more. Once your camera has grabbed the image,  the app has features for making the information in those documents more accessible and useful.

iScanner is available to download for free on both iOS and Android devices. The unlimited scanning feature of the free app gains more options and features with a subscription to the pro version of iScanner.  iScanner grants free access to Educators.

App Information

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iScanner Features

  • Scan your documents and photos into various formats such as PDF, TXT, or JPG
  • Read QR codes and uses OCR to recognize text
  • Blur sensitive elements in documents
  • Upload scanned documents to your cloud storage
  • File management options

How much does iScanner app cost?

You can download iScanner for free. It's free with in-app purchases for extended functions. A Pro version costs 19.99 USD per year.

Taking out a subscription to iScanner unlocks all of the features. Without subscribing, you will lack OCR, and some scanning options like Batch (multipage) scanning, Removing image distortions (AI-powered), Math, and Count mode. Free users can’t use a single subscription for iOS and Android and have only 200 MB of cloud storage instead of a 10 GB or 100 GB cloud storage package. Also, free users also have limited export and converting options.

Is it good for learning?

iScanner supports students in any subject where they might need to capture notes. Its math-solving functionality will also help those studying math, physics and any other topic that might need math problems solved.

The features of iScanner are also handy for teachers as they save a lot of clean-up and manipulation of scans. Teachers who need to capture meeting notes, their whiteboard after a lesson, a student’s draft and so on, will find the results of using iScanner much more preferable than a straightforward photo.

Screenshots for iScanner

  • iScanner: PDF Docs Scanner AppiScanner: PDF Docs Scanner AppiScanner: PDF Docs Scanner AppiScanner: PDF Docs Scanner AppiScanner: PDF Docs Scanner AppiScanner: PDF Docs Scanner AppiScanner: PDF Docs Scanner AppiScanner: PDF Docs Scanner AppiScanner: PDF Docs Scanner AppiScanner: PDF Docs Scanner App


Mobile device cameras soon became a real boon in quickly capturing information. Whether it was documents, letters or whiteboard notes, a quick click made sure you had a copy.  The flexibility and durability of electronic storage added to the convenience. 

As with everything, though, the little difficulties start to irk, and we want a smoother process. That’s where apps like iScanner come in. iScanner employs a user-friendly design, artificial intelligence, and features that are otherwise found in standalone apps to give you a convenient single-app solution to capturing whatever you want to preserve.

We love that iScanner does exactly what you’d expect of a scanner app and more, but it does it so intuitively and easily. From quickly counting objects to measuring areas, scanning photos to extracting text, iScanner’s tools quickly become indispensable.

Count mode is a new unique feature for b2c users in AppStore. New AI based functionality helps to count any objects in two taps on the screen. Everyone who needs to count a lot of similar items can point the camera of their iPhone or iPad at an object and AI will count the rest of the similar objects.


Selecting the scanner options you want to be easily accessible is a great feature that most people will want to use. Some preset profiles would make it even more convenient to let new users modify a starting point closer to their role.

What is iScanner app?

iScanner is a polished and fully-featured scanner app that adds a wealth of valuable tools to your mobile device. Tools to scan, sign, highlight, and annotate documents, extract text, solve math problems, measure area, and more lie behind a simple interface that puts every tool only a single click away.

You can use this scanner app on the go by downloading the iScanner app in the Apple App Store for iOS devices or in the Google Play Store for Android devices.  

Benefits for Students

The built-in document editing tools are great for students collating study material from different places.  They can scan textbook pages or their notes and highlight or annotate them from within the app. If they want to extract information to use another way, the app’s OCR (optical character recognition) will let them do so. The OCR was effective and accurate during this review. It also supports multiple languages, so there is a good chance that language students can effectively utilise this feature.

Captured documents are easy to compile into PDFs ready to export to other devices or printing.

Benefits for Teachers

The customisation of the app’s actions is particularly relevant to teachers. When teachers’ attention is pulled in different directions in busy classrooms, they don’t want to work through a hierarchy of options. Having the tools they need most quickly available lets them rapidly redirect their attention from scanning back to their students.

Benefits for Parents

Parents who are unsure of their math skills might find the built-in math solver invaluable to check their kids’ homework. iScanner is also a generally handy app for anybody who wants to organise their paperwork and documents.

Download iScanner

You can download iScanner on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the iScanner app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is iScanner app safe to use?

The app’s privacy policy is detailed. It provides information to prevent user-tracking and geo-tracking by the app. Also described in the privacy policy is how scanned documents use cloud processing to aid the app’s machine learning and gain extra assistance in text recognition. Tests during this review with aeroplane mode activated showed that the app allowed scanning and OCR without an internet connection.

If you need to scan sensitive documents, you should check your school’s data policy.

Is iScanner app easy to use?

iScanner is clearly built around the principle of being easy to use. While it offers many features to assist users with scanning, they are logical and straightforward. Some useful videos support the app to show the purpose and employment of the different tools.

Each of the tools that iScanner makes available is available with a single click. However, not every option might apply to you, and you can customise the main screen so that only those relevant to you are visible or the ones you use the most at the top. 

What age is it appropriate for?

iScanner captures information using a mobile device and its camera. The app’s privacy policy states that the app is not intended to be used by anyone under 18. Any person, young or old, who needs scanning tools will find it appropriate for their use, but adults should keep in mind the app’s privacy policy if they are looking for an app for kids.

What AI-powered and Smart tools does iScanner offer?

This smart scanner is a must-have for students and educators. This app gets document borders detected & adjusted automatically, straightens scan pages and gets rid of curves & skews, deblurs images and removes fingers from scans, and recognizes text in 20+ languages.

In iScanner users can choose from four scanning resolutions: Low, Medium, High, and HD (300+ dpi). Therefore, if you scan at 300 dpi, you might be able to reprint without any quality loss. 

Has iScanner won some international awards?

iScanner became the winner of the 2022 Overall Award Contest — Best Mobile App of the Year. In 2023 iScanner became the People's Voice Winner in the Best Apps, dApps, and Software—Work & Productivity category at the 27th Annual Webby Awards.

Bottom Line

iScanner is a great tool that gives a whole new purpose to your mobile device.  It captures, processes and annotates images effortlessly. These tools would not be so valuable if it felt like a chore to access them, but the app’s clean and intuitive design allows users to do what they need.

Ease of use and effective information capture are the two things a scanner app needs, and iScanner fully succeeds in both, making it a five-star app. Give it a try to see how a convenient document scanner might make your life easier.

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