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About iQuran Pro

iQuran is a free app that allows you to read the Quran on the screen of your iOS or Android device. In addition to the original text, the app also includes an English translation. iQuran includes some interesting features. For example, you can listen to verses of the Quran read by a narrator or use a search feature that allows you to find specific parts of the Quran in the blink of an eye.

iQuran is a very interesting app that allows you to read any Quran verse whenever you want. You need to have an internet connection when doing so in order to take advantage of some of the app's best features.

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iQuran Pro Review

iQuran is an app which lets you read the Qur'an in Arabic together with it's translation. iQuran provides verse by verse audio playback of the Qur'an with color coded Tajweed, repeat functions, unlimited bookmarking, with search function, excellent navigational controls, Numerous translations and Reciters.

iQuran has two versions; a free one and then a premium one. The free version has certain limitations; however, it allows you to read Quran in portrait and landscape mode, bookmark for easy access and even provides the translation of Quran in English. iQuran also helps you learn Quranic verses by listing specific verses and repeats its audio to help you memorize it. You can also control its audio function. Our other recommended app to learn Quran is Quran Explorer.

iQuran displays Arabic scripts of the Quran along with its English Translation. It lets users listen to the recordings of the Holy Quran. To provide a great listening experience, iQuran provides various sound controls. The app offers the following utilities:

  • Tags, Bookmarks, search.
  • And many other useful controls.


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You can download iQuran Pro on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the iQuran Pro app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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Read the Holy Quran in Arabic alongside its translation. Provides verse by verse audio playback, color coded Tajweed, repeat functions, unlimited bookmarks, search, excellent navigational controls, several translations and reciters and much more.

With iQuran Pro you enjoy:

* Color coded Tajweed (Pronunciation) Rules, the first and only Qur'an software to offer live rendered Tajweed rules.

* Zoom-in feature to enlarge Arabic script

* Full landscape support

* Unlimited bookmarks with notes

* Several translations

* A powerful full-text search engine

* Several downloadable recitations for verse by verse recital (supports gapless/continuous recitation for all reciters except Husary)

* Powerful audio controls with an option to group playback of verses to aid in memorization

iQuran Pro provides the following translations:

* English & Transliteration

* German

* French

* Indonesian

* Urdu (requires OS 3.0+)

* Farsi (requires OS 3.0+)

* Melayu

* Spanish

* Turkish

* Russian

* Bosnian

* Dutch

* Italian

* Albanian

* Romanian

* Japanese

Included reciters are:

* Sheikh Husary

* Mishary Al-Afasy

* Saood & Shuraim

* Abu Bakr Ash-Shatree

* Abdul Basit

* Ghamdi

* Mahir Al-Muayqali

iQuran has been designed to work on all Android devices.

NOTE: Permission to read phone state is required in order to pause recitation in case the phone rings

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