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Developer Description

The all new iQuran offers you the Complete Quran in the Uthmani Font along with color coded Tajweed (Pronunciation), verse by verse translation and recitation. 

★ Full Quran with english translation supporting crisp Retina Display

★ Color coded Tajweed (Pronunciation): Ghunna, Ikhfa, Idgham, Iqlab and Qalqalah. The first smart phone software in the world to offer color coded Tajweed using our very own state of the art Dynamic Rendering Engine. 
NOTE: Lite version supports last juzz only.

★ Configurable Font Sizes: Small, Normal. More sizes available in full version of iQuran.

★ Lite version supports the English translation by Shakir compared to 34 translation and Tafsir in full version

★ Verse by verse recitation by: Mahmoud Al Husary

★ Split index screen with scrollable Surahs and Sections (Hezb, Juzz / Para)

★ Tap and hold Verse Options Sheet: Bookmark, Note, SMS, Email, Twitter, Facebook or Copy 

★ Quick verse jumping using a unique and easy to use Fast Scroll display

★ Complete Audio controls with tap-hold FF, RW and Pause/Play

★ Advanced audio repeat options to help with memorization: repeat a single verse multiple times, repeat on reaching the end of a surah or select a range of verses to loop over

★ Limit of three bookmarks with notes and search

★ Support for 4 built-in bookmark categories for grouping verses: Reading, Memorizing, Interesting, Discussion

★ Advanced full-text search support with keyword highlighting and automatic saved search history. Limits to a maximum of 25 search result matches and 5 saved searches.

★ Quranic Supplications. See verses from the Qur'an on topics such as: Faith, Submission, Praise, Patience, Forgiveness, Family, Provisions, Knowledge, Thanks and Protection

★ A special Stop Signs screen explaining the meaning of the different Stop Symbols used in the Quran

★ Much, much more

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