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From the Developer

Do you want to learn how to program? 

Processing for dummies is here!!! 

Processing, the visual language for everybody! 

Processing for dummies is the quickest and easiest guide and reference to Processing language and by now COMPILER!! 

Run your processing code NOW! 
Code your favorite processing (js) sketches on your iPhone and iPad, use the clean interface optimized for the best coding experience on the large iPad and the small iPhone screen! 

- Tons of tutorial! 
- Complete reference to Processing! 
- Contains the explanation of all structures of the language, and the function! 
- Contains the explanation of all the shape and their function! 
- Contains the explanation of all the lights and their function! 
- Explanation of all the Relational Operators! 
- Explanation of all the mathematical function! 
- Explanation of all the type of variable! 
- Teach you how to manage the input, the output and the files with Processing! 
- Explanation of all the Relational Operators! 
- Manage Images! 
- Contains images that help you to understand the concept! 
- Support the Retina Display! 
- Compatible with iPad! 
- How to interface Arduino with Processing 
- How processing programs work 
- Processing Environment 
- Processing Tools 
- Added ASCII Table 
- Dropbox support

- Based on the powerful processing js 
- Keyboard edited to write code 
- Undo and Redo feature 
- Autosave 
- Work in both orientation, just edit the size of your Window! 
- Copy and paste your code! 
- Manage and share your files!
- iTunes file sharing
- More example 
- Refresh button for the output view! 
- Font edit for code editor view! 

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