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  • iPad, iPhone
  • Free
  • age 18+

About iParent

Share valuable student information and key school news with parents directly via their smart phone or tablet using the new iParent App.

Teacher Review

The iParent App has a user-friendly interface, organised across five key tabs:
  • My App Dashboard – view a snapshot of relevant notifications, news and calendar events by date
  • My Children – access profile menus for each child at the school
  • Comms – update contact details, view communication history and manage communication subscriptions
  • Information – view the daily bulletin, school calendar, school news and school directory
  • Settings – manage personalised app settings and device integration
The iParent App provides quick and easy access to everything parents need to know about their child’s school life, including attendance records, exam results, reward and detention notifications, reports and assessments, timetables, school news and more.
You can customise the app so that it reflects your school’s branding and terminology. You can also use the integrated push notifications feature as a powerful and cost-effective new communication tool for enhancing school-parent engagement.
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iPad, iPhone




Organisational and Productivity Skills


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Publisher's Description

Similar in nature to the iStudent app, the iParent app offers parents quick access to real-time school information about their child. This includes everything from attendance records to exam results, reward and detention notifications, access to reports and assessments, teaching groups, timetables and more.
The official iSAMS Parent app links directly with the iSAMS Parent Portal. It has been designed to offer parents a quick and easy channel for keeping up-to-date with their son or daughter’s performance and any relevant school information, including last minute calendar notifications or event invites. It is aimed at enhancing the information flow from your school/teachers to parents ensuring greater engagement between all parties.
The iParent app offers parents a useful and configurable dashboard where they are able to view information and activities about all children at the school. Quick links are provided for:
The timetable of each child
Information about any sanctions and rewards
School news and bulletins
The school calendar
The photo galleries
More detailed information can then be located about the following:
Teaching groups
The school timetable
Internal exam details (entries, timetables, results)
External exam details (entries, timetables, arrangements, candidate details, results)
School reports and assessments
Reward and conduct details
Parents can use the app to view and subscribe to your school communications including emails, SMS messages and push notifications to the app. Push notifications will advise parents about any timely updates for each child, including information such as recently released reports or exam results, any rewards or detentions and pastoral records.
They can also view the contacts linked with their child and request changes to any contact details, thereby ensuring the data is accurate and up-to-date.
As with the iStudent app, there is full access to all school news and bulletins (both current and archived news), the school calendar and the school directory.
The data used by the iSAMS Parent app is encrypted to ensure that confidential information cannot be accessed by unauthorised personnel. Your school also controls the level of visibility of information and communication subscriptions offered to parents.
Please note: The iSAMS Parent app must be installed by your school in order for it to be accessible to parents. It will only work as part of the iSAMS management information system and Parent Portal.
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