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About IOIO

This is a really nice app that provides a good level of practice in comparing numbers. It is permanently free without any advertising or in-app purchases. It provides a good explanation of the greater than, less than, and equals signs. It does a less effective job of explaining the activity, which is a shame because it is good.

Fortunately, this explanation should help you out. The goal of the activity is to find the combination on the scroll. The scroll is made up of sections that have numbers and signs on them. Players have to rotate these sections to be mathematically correct and then test to see if it is the searched-for combination. If it is, they have won the level, if not they try another combination. Working methodically is a good idea.

Children will get plenty of practice in this app and its game-like graphics make it fun too. As a bonus, children can also compare numbers from other systems such as Roman numerals which they will be expected to learn as part of the Key Stage 2 curriculum.

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Android, iPad, iPhone





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+ Is an educational videogame which employs mathematical thinking.
+ Is a game about numerical relationships: greater than, less than and equal to and about different numerical systems.
+ It is directed to children of lower, medium and upper primary school (6 to 12 years).
+ Is available to be played in English and Spanish.

Educational content
+ In this educational videogame, the child will work with the relationship between numbers when compared using the symbols greater than (>), less than (<) and equal to (=).
+ Concepts: numerical relationships (greater than, less than and equal to) and numerical systems: Arabic, Mayan, Egyptian, and Roman.
+ If you would like to know more about the educational content of these videogames, visit our site: Lab Tak (

Inoma is a Mexican, non-profit organization that supports education via free, educational videogames: TAK-TAK-TAK. All videogames are aligned with the basic education curriculum of Ministry of Education of Mexico. These videogames are available and can be played on our platform with a username and password.

IOIO was financed with the support of the WeWork Creators Award of Mexico City and was developed by Basica Asesores Educativos and Inoma.

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