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Interactive Telling Time HD

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  • age 5+

About Interactive Telling Time HD

Interactive Telling Time provides your child with a variety of different games and activities to practice the important skill of telling time. 

Teacher Review

Interactive Telling Time HD is a fantastic choice for kids. At this level children should be able to read a clock and be able to tell the time throughout the day. The Common Core State Standards outlines this expectation as an important measurement skill. We love how this app teaches this concept through a colorful, kid-friendly interface that is accessible to students at this age level. With Interactive Telling Time HD, students will learn important life skills.

When students open Interactive Telling Time HD, they can get started by tapping on the Play button. Children will be presented with six different activities to choose from: Set the Time, What’s the time, Play Puzzle, Take the Quiz, Stop the Clock and Learn the Clock. All of these choices will help students understand how to tell time and apply what they’ve learned. Interactive Telling Time HD also helps children distinguish between AM and PM.

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Android, iPad, iPhone




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  • Interactive Telling Time HDInteractive Telling Time HDInteractive Telling Time HDInteractive Telling Time HDInteractive Telling Time HD


Interactive Telling Time is great for children from ages 3 to 12 and comes in 5 difficulty levels so that it helps children to tell time.

Interactive Telling Time Features


  • Learn to set the time via Interactive clocks with movable hour and minute hand!
  • Learn to read a clock and to tell time.
  • Learn conversion between analogue clock and digital clock
  • Learn how to use AM/PM, 12 hour and 24 hour clock notation.
  • Quiz Mode (Learn time concepts such as half past, quarter past etc)
  • Designed for children! 5 difficulty levels to choose from.
  • Tutorials on time telling for young children.
  • Virtual Aquarium Games - Your children will want to play to try to win all the fun rewards!

Additional Fun Games for Children with educational values:

  • Stop The Clock Game - A fun and exciting game designed with an educational focus.
  • Clock Puzzles - help children learn the positions and use of all clock components as puzzle pieces.

Discover an easy and fun way to teach your children about analogue and digital clocks. Includes 8 fun and interactive clocks that comes with movable hour and minutes hands especially designed for children!

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