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Interactive book for children. Memory & Puzzle games.

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Teacher Overview

The African Savannah unveils new surprises and adventures for our main character, Tembo. Tembo goes out to play is the third story in the Tembo learns everything collection. When you finish the story, enjoy the educational games specially designed to help children of 3 plus years learn how to read.

Teacher Review

Tembo the elephant is a beautifully modern storybook series. While the story line is fairly engaging the additional interactive features, such as tapping elements within the story to hear the pronunciation take this app to the next level. A serious amount of attention to detail has been paid to ensure the correct pronunciation for each of the apps SEVEN language versions, which is not a quality often found in multilingual applications. That being said parents be warned as the native language of Tembo 3 is set to Spanish, so adults may have to change the default language back to English (of whatever your native tongue maybe) before handing the app over to the child. However once the child has gotten to grips with apps interface we think this would make a brilliant app for getting children interested in learning a second, third or even seventh language!

Once the storybook has been exhausted children can then progress to game based learning activities that aim to improve memory, language skills, logic skills and object recognition though three games each with three levels of difficulty. Although these features enhanced the app beyond a basic storybook translation we had to mark the app down due to its degree of learner feedback and error correction, while the child will hear the indication of an incorrect answer visually there is no indication or perhaps a clue as to the correct answer.

This app would be perfect for any child with learning difficulties such as dyslexia or if the child suffers from colour recognition problems as the app has offered users the ability to set the typeface, letter spacing, text colour and background colour which really helps to personalise the app to the individuals needs. Furthermore the voice-recording feature also adds to the idea of personalisation within this app, as children can hear for themselves how their own pronunciation sounds providing them with the ability to spot where they might be going wrong.

Overall we think this is a great storybook app for early learners and one which we feel stands out in what could be considered as a saturated area within the educational apps genre. The attention to detail, specifically the language accents make this app unique and the whimsical characters will definitely keep young children engaged. 

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  • Interactive book for children. Memory & Puzzle games. App - 1Interactive book for children. Memory & Puzzle games. App - 2Interactive book for children. Memory & Puzzle games. App - 3Interactive book for children. Memory & Puzzle games. App - 4Interactive book for children. Memory & Puzzle games. App - 5

Developer Description

Tembo goes out to play is an interactive book for iPhone and iPad for children over 3 years old. This app makes learning to read easier for the little ones. It follows the guidelines on inclusive education, allowing you to adapt the story reading to the skills and learning needs of each child.

Features of Tembo goes out to play

  • Interactive book for children to learn to read.
  • Including multilingual games for kids to expand their lexicon and improve their vocabulary in the selected language: Memory, Find Me, and Puzzle. With this feature they will reinforce their first language but also practise and learn other languages.
  • The app focuses 100% on children’s learning and it is available in 7 languages:
  • English, Spanish, Catalan, French, Portuguese, Italian, and German.

Tembo goes out to play has been developed under the supervision of pedagogues and other specialists in the field of education for maximum compliance with the inclusive education standards.

To follow the guidelines of inclusive education, the story is adapted to the user’s reading skills. It’s also suitable for children presenting learning difficulties: dyslexia, visual impairment, ADHD, and visual stress, among others.

When we create our apps we count on the advice of educational institutions and different associations like ONCE (National Organization for the Blind), DISFAM (Dyslexia and Family), OIDEA (International Organization for Specific Learning Difficulties) and Asociación Lectura Fácil.

With this app children can reinforce their first language, practice their oral and written skills in another language, and exercise their memory and attention.

Tembo is a collection of four stories for children over 3 years old produced by BubbleBooks, a digital publisher specialized in the creation of apps for children and youth that ensure an inclusive education.

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