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Interactive Alphabet - ABC Flash Cards

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Developer Description

Set the stage for reading success. Kids learn their ABCs through play when they make the 'D'inosaur
roar, 'Z'ip the Zipper, and more!

Every letter is a unique, interactive toy! The memorable flash cards engage children in learning and
aid in development.

✓ Universal app for iPad/iPhone/iPod: You can use it at home or on the go! Buy it once, take it everywhere.
✓ Develops reading foundational skills
✓ Uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and phonics sounds
✓ Memorable and unique interactivity keep your child coming back for more
✓ Fun and upbeat Original Music -- keeps you dancing, not wincing (parent friendly!)
✓ Sing along to the Alphabet/ABC song!
✓ Baby Mode option (Auto advances cards every 15 seconds)
✓ Phonic Sounds
✓ Great for Educators and Therapists to help with language and pre-reading.
✓ Aligned to Kindergarten Reading Foundational Skills in Common Core State Standards

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